Graphics are not there yet

They’ve done a lot to improve graphics for the past 2 months, but there’s still things that stand out like a sore thumb, including:

  • buildings still not being animated
  • cannons that explode into splinters
  • units that get deleted from the world instead of falling to the ground (like in the last stream when the Demo ship destroyed the whole Chinese army and they simply disappeared)
  • cavalry charge not even stopping a moving unit in its tracks
  • smoke lifting from terrain covered by water
  • buildings looking too stylized due to lack of texture and light properly bouncing off materials.

Then there are small things like textures being low-res in places, such as cliffs (where terrain suddently changes height) or some roofs that are made of straw, team colors being too bright and neon-like which make units look off next to buildings.

I really hope they keep the development team for a short while to churn out quick updates after launch, otherwise casuals are going to eat this game alive when it comes out, especially the ones who play games for immersion. It’s such a pity that it seems the game could have been ready if it had a few more months.


Agree with all points you mentioned. The only hope left is they can still update these details after launch. What I sense about this game is, there is very little attention to the details. This is more obvious especially in the siege destroy animations. All of them explode or disappear from the scene with the exact same animation (copy-pasted animation for all) which makes me think, they are there just to be there.


I am very much looking forward to a new strategy game with seemingly amazing gameplay. Graphics and animations are not always on point, but I am sure, some of them will be addressed.
I can agree on the points mentioned, but I still am very positive about the game. That´s my 50 cents here.
Can´t wait to see you online.