Graphics low/high comparison video .Amazing optimisation/scalability

Well done relic.


Turning Image sharpening on my Nvidia Control panel made a drastic difference for me as well.

Uhm, what exactly is amazing on the fact, that a pc game has a bad looking low mode and a better looking ultra mode?

I think OP is mostly just indicating they like the Ultra graphics.

Radeon sharpening fits so good in this game…it make units textures to look better, I just cannot play this game without Radeon sharpening is a huge difference… recommended for all AMD users

I just meant that a lot of games releasing in 2021 couldn’t look so good whilst simultaneously being able to run on very bad old PCs/laptops. They did a good job of making sure as many people as possible could play while still making it pretty on higher settings.

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I am happy about it. I have my beast rig w/ a 1080ti etc etc – and a productivity laptop with an MX150. Good to know I can play this when I travel.