Graphics of throwing fire torches


How do you like throwing torches in AoE 4 or RTS SPARTA definition.
Now I don’t like throwing torches in AoE 4 at all, it’s just such smudges.

time 14:30

time 1:07

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I definitely agree the torches in AOE4 are terrible. Further more the animation plays out very slowly especially when attacking siege units


I like the torches since it adds more dynamic to the game by being able to utilize the torches being slightly ranged to have more units attacking a building at once than what would be possible otherwise.

The animation and effects of the torches are horrible. The gamplay of it is very nice, but for the love of god make it good to look at when your troops are torching everything.

Doubling attack speed of torches and halving damage would do wonders.


I jsut find it weird how in that battleship skirmish on the water, the missiles change direction to stay on target when the target changes course. Like what are they? Laster guided missiles? Looks sooo bad.

LOL also the camel rider is shooting his arrow from his pelvis. :man_facepalming:


Yes, bad unit animations kill a game. A lot of the animations do look really good but if they’re off it really makes the whole thing feel off


I agree, the torches in that footage look horrible.

Why are people posting “Sparta - Ancient Wars” footage everywhere?
While I agree that AOE4 looks like an RTS from early 2k (this one is from 2006), it’s structure and scale is much more akin to all the WC3 clones we got at that time.
And please be careful with promoting such a shady products (the original game is still found as abandonware and someone tried to do a kickstarter selling this modded version of it as a new game to raise money).

I feel animations are off in so many aspects. It’s looking terrible all around. :frowning:

Still looks and feels much better than chipping buildings with swords.

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