[GRAPHICS] Relic's responce to 'cartoony' graphics crit for COH3

So everyone is raging about graphics here.
The COH3 pre-alpha just had the same thing.

The devs (also Relic) responded with this:

I know AOE4 is further along in development, but you get the idea.


Actually, they throwed a pretty good response with details and material. It would have been great if they did the same with AoE IV graphics controversy tbh.

The fact that we didn’t receive a similar, well-explained and detailed response can only mean two things imo: Microsoft/World’s Edge is in charge of (or overseeing) every single official statement and didn’t want to, and/or AoE IV final graphics will basically be what we have already seen without any further tweak, and prefer to keep it silent.


Now it would be great if only Worlds Edge were this transparent with the information.


Not a lot it seems goes through the Microsoft filter.


So it means that the AoE4 graphics we saw are really the final graphics, as no dev came out trying to say that they will change it. (3 months for game launch).

Good thing that CoH3 graphics are changing. And I expect A LOT of bootlickers were defending the current graphics saying there was nothing wrong with it.


I think the graphics are in a good state. If you do saturate the colors, which I think was a confirmed option coming to the game, things do look immensely more “gritty” in context for AOE4.

AOE4’s current graphics I’m sure will even be different once we get into the game and see it for ourselves when the time comes.