Graphics update pls!

Hey all,

I know a lot of graphics suggestions have been made before, which i want to bump and have the developers look at. But here are some new and old graphics changes suggestions which spring to mind…

I know a lot of users would play the game a lot more if a few graphical issues were fixed.

  1. While all the land units have movement animation, many of the boats do not, I’m looking at you turtle ship and viking longboat with your static oars…

  2. Also i wonder if changing lighting effects could be good, or changes between seasons, like snow to summer, in the same map, if your computer can handle it :slight_smile:

  3. Also i was a bit disappointed with the units becoming smaller and more homogenous in DE at the start but I’ve gotten used to it. Nevertheless, differentiating between units easier is always a welcome change!

  4. Also i loveee the new building destruction animation, and this has brought in loads more new players. Can we get some subtle addition to some of the buildings when they are being damaged. Or a production rate decrease if they are damaged? Like farms might produce less food?

  5. Finally, maybe modding could accomplish a lot of this. Maybe, like skyrim, the developers could encourage this. While vetting the mods so they dont alter the balance of the game!



The problem with this is that the ship movement is not realistic itself. If you look at the way pro players micro ships, adding realistic oar movement might just make it look even worse. Not to mention, it’ll be visually cluttering.

The devs have already experimented with this in some campaigns and with some mods. I’d expect there to be problems with mods (e.g. no snow mod, how will that handle this?) and also visual cluttering. I don’t think you see this happening even in AoE4, which should be graphically the most advanced, right?

It’d definitely have to be something that gets toggled at the very least, but I can’t imagine this being easy to implement without sacrificing some performance.

True - it was the low poly units that had the most visual clarity. With higher definitions and details, units can get a bit muddled together. I still think they’re reasonably distinct, though. It is indeed something you’ll get used to. It’s one of the concerns people have with requests to add more regional diversity into the game, but I still think that can be done.

This would be a gameplay change and a pretty large one at that which I wouldn’t support. Maybe since Castles are the only buildings that actually get focused on, I believe there are also some animations for units walking through, and similarly could have animations for units trying to put out the fires or something. 11

Aren’t they already, with their own event mods continuously changing quite a bit of the units’ looks and whatnot, mod browser, and mod talk on these forums? What more would encouraging mean?

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Modding capabilities are perfectly fine as it is.Real issue is the lack of people interested in actual modding,cant blame anyone also as mods break with every update.

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This would be nice, although I find their sinking animations weirdly smooth compared with the generic ship one.

Aren’t unit graphics the same size when using standard graphics, and bigger when using enhanced graphics? That’s certainly true for building graphics at least. Not sure what you mean by “more homogeneous”.

Some (all?) buildings have that already, although perhaps (aside from the fire) it’s too subtle for you to notice. Or do you mean just for the instant that they’re taking damage?

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We need proper Ship Death Animations.
Caravanserai Foundation being Market Foundation seems a bit lazy. It should get new foundation too.


They become lazy for Caravansarai foundation. But they do the effort to make Krepost foundation, Donjon foundation, Folwark Foundation. Euro bias at its peak.


South Asian sails would be a very welcome addition. Right now it’s the only set without unique sails.

Slightly less important but still nice would be South Asian King graphics.

Ngl feel the same. But hey guys, getting Romans is exciting, right? /s

Sail animations are completely absent since the very beginning. Something they didn’t take over for DE. Would be way more meaningful than some silly mods.


South asian sails king and monk graphics please.Also new graphics for the rest of the heros.foot ########### being a xbow is is just criminal.

Caravanserai is a Motel-Market, I don’t see the point of changing the foundation

Why is pri thivir aj censored?

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yeah love the turtle ship and vikiing longboat death animations, weird they have the worst movement animation but the best death animation.

Regarding the unit clarity, Nerathion summarised it really well!

yeah love the foundation idea about Caravansarai being unique.

You are playing a game, trying to find your Hindustanis Allies Market, your Ally is in the process of building them. You get confused between them and click on the wrong building as the travel point for your trade carts.