Grass quality is awful in medium settings

This ruins the game experience.

Can you post a screenshot?

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Yeah do this I play on low/medium and find it tolerable. I guess it’s a state of mind.

A good PC ^

My PC ^

If your PC can’t support higher setting you just need to put up with it I guess. Can your PC run the higher setting? If it can maybe bring down resolution scale a little to offset frame rate issues. My PC just physically can’t display the higher grass setting.

I couldn’t manage to find which graphics variable is mostly related to grass quailty. Tried somethings but no luck.

My computer can display high settings, but poor fps in battles.

If you’re talking about the jagged edges of the grass you might want to bump up the Anti-ailising.

But this might decrease your performance a bit.

I think he’s talking about the lack of grass. I’ve not go the game open right now but I think it’s a setting called terrain or texture?

Anti alising heped a bit. Now i may live with it. thanks.


This has been troubling me for some time, stopped playing the game but recently gone over the grass issue again and found a solution that worked for my PC.

I went into Nvidia Control Panel, found “DSR - Factors” and enabled the highest possible setting/resolution.
For me this was 4.00x (3840 x 2160)

Then in the game, i went to Settings, Graphics and set the Game Window to “Exclusive Full Screen” and then set the resolution to 3840 x 2160.

Hope this works for others

It isn’t really a solution. While you do make the grass look better, it comes with a dramatic cost.

The reason it looks smoother is because of the higher resolution; but this applies to everything. The problem at its core is that the AoE4 developers have not made a significant setting that will influence the foliage alone. Currently the AA settings are insufficient for foliage almost as if the wrong texture sets are displaying for the wrong resolution.

Rendering the game at 4k just to get the grass to look normal really should not be necessary and it is why we ought to keep pressuring them to solve this somehow. It is incredibly basic, and foliage covers most of the screen–it is rather unbelievable the state that this is still in.

Yeh it’s pretty poor from the devs, I stopped playing the game in the first week and eventually upgraded to a GeForce RTX 3060Ti expecting this to solve the issue, it did not! The grass and other effects were equally shoddy. Yes i’ve managed to “solve” the problem but I agree with your sentiment, this should not be an issue in the first place and my “workaround” would not be viable on many cards.

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