Great mix of RTS and turn based strategy

Hello, guys, I wanted to share some info about an excellent game mode for old game Heroes of Might & Magic III called “Duel”. I think it’s something Age of Empires players might be interested in, because it mixes turn based strategy (TBS) with real-time strategy (RTS). Essentially you play TBS, but with the highest speed possible much like RTS. I think it’s very exciting to watch and play. It’s old school and since I myself am a little bit older a like it quite a lot. I hope some of you might like it too.

Just watch this: Heroes 3 HOTA - DUEL - can 1 air elemental HODOR? - YouTube

And I am sure that if you are a little bit old school and want something a more “chill” than Age of Empires, but still action packed and strategy based, you will love it!