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1.- History
The great kingdom of Tartary was the country of the Tatars, founded by the famous Khan Lu around the 13th century. This territory shared both the Chinese influence and the influence of the Rus peoples. For a long time the Greeks theorized this country as the place of the Hyperboreans, a race of giants, perhaps inspired by the height, enormous for them, of its inhabitants. This enormous size has been made known in various artistic representations of its inhabitants.

The people of Tartaria are known for living in a cold steppe and vast tracts of forest, so many of their buildings were made of wood or animal skins. It is speculated the invention of a clean energy technology that was transmitted wirelessly, used both to activate canals, mills or cranes, facilitating the lifestyle of the Tatar populations. Unfortunately, this technology was lost with the fall of their empire, probably due to landslides in the 18th century; only destroyed remains and artistic or descriptive representations of them have remained.

The Empire of Tartaria came to an end after the Russian conquest of Siberia between the 18th and 19th centuries, completely occupying the territory that previously belonged to this nation. It is believed that prior to its fall, the Siberian region suffered an unusual phenomenon of landslides, causing the destruction and burying of several of the cities of Great Tartary, being easy prey for the neighboring kingdoms.

Much of the Tartaric culture has been hidden by Soviet communism during the USSR period, as well as by the Chinese communist party, to the point that attempts have been made to erase its historical participation in the global conflicts of the Middle and Modern Ages. However, there is a large bibliography of maps that mention this territory, something that has not been erased from foreign sources.

Most of the iconic buildings of this culture have been supplanted by later Russian and Chinese buildings, especially fortresses, churches or pagodas, although there are still reports of minor explorers visiting many of its cities and describing the complexity of beautiful vaults and arches in palaces and temples.

2. Passive bonuses

Hyperboreos.- Villagers and base units with 20% more HP.

Wooden Architecture.- Buildings cost 20% less wood.

Ecological Conservation.- Logged forests near logging camps can be regrown at a cost of active gold bable at the camp. The cost depends on the number of trees felled. If you build on top of the felled area, you cannot regenerate the forest.

Animal coexistence.- Wolves do not attack villagers or military units. You can create deer in the windmills. These are wild and you can either tame them with the Khan Tartaro or hunt them.

Tartarian Boating.- Fishing boats and arrow shafts are 20% faster and cost 10% less.

Influence.- Clean Energy.- Urban Centers generate a large area of influence that is transmitted to connected buildings and improves their productivity in several ways:

  • Houses reduce the price of villagers by 2% up to a maximum of 40%.
  • Military buildings produce units and technologies 20% faster.
  • Economic buildings collect 20% more resources.
  • Smithies and Universities reduce development time by 20%.

Unique Units.- Tartar Khan, Tartar Horse Archer, Bactrian Camelry.

3. Landmarks

Tungusian Cemetery

  • Remembrance of the fallen enhances soldiers’ determination to survive. Units that pass near the graveyard gain a permanent 10% increased speed bonus.

Main Light Pillar

  • Works like a lightning tower, only with 3 more range and more hit points. Improves production influence bonus by 10% (20%–>30%) of all buildings connected to it.

Temple of Xennoumeo and Xenu

  • Produces shamans with a 50% price reduction. It provides two unique technologies:
  • Xennoumeo’s Priest Guard: Gives the shamans fighting skills: +12 attack and a bonus against infantry of +5, as well as 50 more HP.
  • Curse of Xenu: When a priest dies, nearby enemy units reduce their movement speed by 15% for 20 seconds.

Temple of Quangenposa and Quoungiapusa.-

  • Produces shamans at 100% faster speed. It provides two unique technologies:
  • Blood Sacrifice: When suppressing a Shaman, increases the attack of all nearby units by 15% for 20 seconds.
  • Goddess of Peace: Upon suppressing a Shaman, surrounding units regenerate 3HP/sec. for 15 seconds.

Khan Lun Palace

  • Allows the creation of Khan Lun Wan Tang’s steppe armies. They are free but they take a long time to create and have to be queued.
    — Royal Guard: Summons 5 men-art-arm and 5 handcannoners (70 sec)
    — Steppe Battalion: Summons 5 Tartar Horse Archers and 5 Bactrian Cavalry (70 sec)
    — Siege Troops: Summons 2 Battering Rams and 2 Counterweight Trebuchet. (70 sec)

Thaumaturk Field Fort

  • Act as Keep. Generates an aura of clean energy that can increase the stats of units that pass near the building. Only one effect can be activated at a time:
    — 1. Positive Energy Aura: Creates a shield that increases defense by +2/+2.
    — 2. Negative energy Aura: Reduces the attack of nearby enemy units by 15%.
    — 3. Neutral energy Aura: Gives them a regeneration of +1 HP per second outside and inside combat.

4. Unique technologies

  • Tartar fur suit (I).- Replaces “Textiles”. Your villagers get 35 HP and.

  • Dog sledge (II).- Improves the speed of the villagers by 10% and their resource collection by +5.

  • Deer sledge (III).- Improves the speed of the villagers by 10% and their resource collection by +5.

  • Siberian Ice Combats tactics (III).- Melee infantry gain the Siberian tactic ability, they lose 20% HP, but their movement speed is increased by 20%.

  • Tartar Siegue tactics (IV).- trebuchet gain +2 of range and +20% speed.

  • Silk armor (III).- Increase the Tartar horse archer armor by +1/+2.

  • Giant swords (III).-* Increase in +4 the attack of Lancers and Ment-at-Arms, that get giants swords.

  • Wireless Power Towers (IV).- Improves the clean power bonus and now buildings increase their distance to the power grid by 2 area spaces.

  • Free energy (IV).- Your influence buildings generate a flux of +1 wood, +1 food, +1 gold, each minute.
    War Boating.- arrow boats attack 30% faster.


Tatar Khan

Tatar Khan.- Tribal chief. Unlike the Mongol Khan instead of offensive buffs, he has economic buffs:

  • Tame animal (i): The Khan can tame deer, wolves and wild boars, it has a cowdown of 60 seconds. Domesticated animals can attack, including deer.
  • Merchant (II): If used near a market, reduces the exchange rate by 50% for 1 play. 60 sec cowdown.
  • Forestry (III): Regenerates a forest of a small area, free. 60 sec cowldown.

Tatar Horse Archer

Tatar Horse Archer.- Unique unit of the Tartars. Ranged cavalry with high rate of fire but under attack. It can collect carcasses of wild animals.

Bactrian Cavalry

Bactrian Cavalry.- Domestic Bactrian Camel Cavalry, generates an aura that reduces the attack of nearby enemy cavalry by 20%. It has a bonus against cavalry units, and more HP than the Abbasid version, it makes up for it with less movement speed.


  • Dr. Anatoly T. Fomenko, History: Fiction or Science? Chronology volumes 1–7, 2004
  • Ta M. Lan, Biography of Khan Lu Wan Tang, King of Tartary, 2024.


Update v1.03: Final Words

  • I’ve been preparing this idea for a month and I’m glad I finished it. Who more than the Tartar with such a misunderstood history to not deserve another civ in AoE4. Let’s hope that the developers will boldly consider representing this iconic civilization.

  • I had originally considered unique units like “Giant Soldier”, but since all Tartars were like that and not just a few troops, it better be a unique civ bonus, and I chose the name hyperboreos because that’s the description the Greeks they had from their people.

  • I also leave some extra image schemes about this great civilization.

6.- Bonus Art

El palacio de electricidad y la fuente luminosa - IMG_3112 v2.1

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This is pseudo history and not at all real in the way you describe.

Here is hoping you wrote this when it was still April 1st in your timezone, because this is bonkers. Then again, it is increasingly difficult to know whether people are serious about these things now a days.

EDIT: After reading the bonuses, I can tell this is almost certainly satire. Though I will say anyone who mentions hyperborea or tartary tends to be a complete idiot who would legitimately make these statements. Stay safe, people.


Back in Feudal Europe, they used to call the Mongols as - Tartars.
Tartar means devil for Christians as it is in the Bible.

So yea, nice try xD
April fools day

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This was an April Fools joke. So don’t worry, it’s definitely NOT for real.

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