Great Temple of Tezcatlipoca Support card and Aztec card in general

Aztec Great Temple of Tezcatlipoca Support card is now useless. Aztec war chief used to be able to train pet jaguar and this card buff that pets Jaguar, 12 Jaguar used to have its uses as extra fodder as not many units have counter to pet and it was replaceable on the legacy. Currently, in DE that card only gives one time only 12 pet jaguar worth of 1200 food in exchange for 1500 gold. Please if removing a unit from a civilization at least also rework its corresponding cards!

Now onto the next issue, Aztec is known to having none unit upgrade besides the usual elite/champion/legendary, unlike other civilizations that have them through advanced arsenal, new way card, or their big button. The only way for Aztec to receive that upgrade is only through the 9 temple support card which six of them are available on fortress age.

Compared to other civilization, Aztec will need to sacrifice more compared to other civ in age 3 as other Aztec buffing or economic card is also on age 3, like the 3 Knight Card, Economy card (Great Chinampa, Aztec Mining), Smoking Mirror (War Chief Speed), and Ruthlessness (war hut unit bonus vs villager). So Aztec players will need to choose their late economy, noble unit buff, or specific unit buff.

My suggestion is to relocate some of the Aztec cards to other ages. Move the Smoking Mirror and Aztec Mining to age 2, move the Knight combat and Temple of Xochipilli Support (Puma spearman speed) to age 4, and finally rework the Great Temple of Tezcatlipoca Support (Pet Jaguar card) to buff the new Eagle Scout combat by 50% and increase it build limit to 10 or 15 for the card to have its uses again.


Good suggestions. Aztec relies on their temple shipments from Age III for Coyote, Macehualtin and Eagle Runners very much. However, thats 3000 gold you need.

Their economy is also quite weak, as we have talked about in other topics already. If you look at Inca, they get a card to Age IV for 20% output on farms and plantations from a single card while having 13 houses producing .9 already. Ontop of that, Inca starts Age 2 with 2 War Huts for very strong map presence. Aztec only gets a single Warhut. This has got to be a joke honestly. Aztec needs economy buffs. They can boom via fertility dance, but by that point they are already surpassed by other civs like Brits, Japan, Sweden. Many players already suggested an increase to base gather rate on farms and plantations similar to how Ports have it on Hunts. That way, the % bonus will be a little stronger and Aztec can keep up with 2 Factories and economy from other civs.

May I remind everyone that Jaguar Knight and Skull Knight are still useless units? I will repeat my thoughts and suggestions from another thread here, because this issue could maybe be resolved with changing the two Age IV temple cards for Skull Knights and Jaguar Knights.

Skull Knights need to be useful like Urumi. Give them 30% ranged resist instead of 20% melee resist. Give them 4.75 speed. They currently have 0 ranged resist and move at an atrocious 4.00 speed, which makes them useless. Every european civ gets 4.40 movement speed on their infantry via research, at that point Skull Knights can never get any attacks off against infantry.

Same thing for Jaguar Knights: they have a pitiful 10% melee resist and get countered by Skirms even though they are supposed to counter Skirms. They need more speed and armor.

The solution:
Replace some of the big buttons with tech, increasing the speed and/ or Armor of melee units. Lakota has tech to make their rifle riders more powerful as big button, do the same for Aztec. Consider changing the bonus granted from the Age IV temple cards to bonus speed/armor. It is paramount that the Aztec melee units get both ranged resistance and speed bonus. It is so obvious how terrible they are compared to Urumi. Atleast Skull Knights should be as effective to Urumi, but they are not because they are 4.00 speed and have no ranged resist.

I agree that Skull Knight and Jaguar Prowl are still a weak unit, especially against skirmishers/archer composition with musk or halb at front due to both of them having melee resist. One way to buff the Skull Knight IMO is by removing their Heavy Infantry tag so Skirmisher/archer type unit no longer counter them and only unit with specific multiplier vs infantry is their counter, and their support card should also give 10-15% speed. Since they are already a much weaker and non massable version of Inca Maceman.

Jaguar can counter skirm if they fully encircle them, if not then the 3x multiplier against heavy infantry from skirm just melt them since Jaguar don’t have multiplier against infantry beside heavy or light like coyote runner.

Their age up option are also weaker like you said and not scale well. I hope they change the Wise Woman option to 10/15/20/25% and the Travois to be able create farm as well estate. The elder should also get 1 more war hut.


The Age IV temple cards for Aztec are just bad, and thats considering the Jaguar Knight temple card was recently buffed. You don’t need +25% damage on Jaguar Knights in Age IV and you also don’t need +1 Aoe on Skull Knights in Age IV.

Not saying they are bad bonuses, but these two units don’t work in the first place. And you have to consider what other civs get in Age IV. They are going to ship 2 Heavy Cannons and factories are going to keep producing Heavy cannons eventually. At that point its going to be extremely tough to use melee units. Arrow Knights are not free, unlike Heavy cannons.

This is so accurate!! spcecially the Tezcatlipoca Support (Pet Jaguar card), I used to play a Lot in 40 treaty with Jaguars, but nos this card is totally a turn off now, Great idea you have with the new Eagle scout guys!!

Yeah, Jaguar and skull are really useless and need some changes. I dont understand one card tho, so Aztec have Advanced scouts witch buff the scout and he is able to fight but when you get that card you dont buff your main scouts which warcheaf can produce but you gain the other scouts ? Question here is if i have this amazing scout as a unit which can help me to create some early strategies with the stealth abilities and coyotes, why dont i buff them instead of getting another melee melee unit.

Could be devs forget or don’t know the existence of native scout in Aztec, or they hastily give another scout for Aztec without second thought in one update. Regardless I would like for devs to rebalance the advance scout and the jaguar pet card to buff the newly eagle scout in the future.

Yeah, shame now Aztec only have coyote that is cost effective vs skirmisher :cry:. Not that Jaguar (pet) are strong vs them, it’s just pet Jaguar is not countered by skirmisher multiplier.

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This is false. If you send the card 4 Jaguars in age I or anyother Jag card, then your WC can train Jags.