Greater Moravia in Honfolgalas

I just played the Magyar historical battle for the first time and was very impressed. But I do have one complaint. Greater Moravia is represented in the scenario as being Slavs, despite being from every indication I could find, literally Bohemia. Given that Bohemia is new to the game and doesn’t have a ton of scenario appearances, it seems to me they’d be a better fit for the scenario and the devs missed this one when adding DOTD civs in. Moravia was centered in modern Czechia, was culturally czech, and yeah. I’m having trouble seeing why it wasn’t represented by this new civ.

Wanted to bring to the developer’s attention, in case they missed it.

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There are plenty of nonsensical civs in certain scenarios. During teutonic campaign (as far, as I remember) one of your enemies is the British while in Italy. I’m no historian but that sounds nonsensical to me.

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That hasbeen changed I believe

SInce the Bohemians in AoE2 focus mostly on Hussite warfare, Slavs are actually a better fit for this timeframe.


You could make then not train hussite wagons

Likely because Bohemians are a gunpowder civilization, when the campaign battle is set in the 8th century before gunpowder existed.

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The Mongol campaign has Bohemia though

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True, but by the 13th century when the Mongols invaded, it was far closer to the advent of gunpowder weaponry in Europe, which the Mongols may have actually played a part in introducing anyway. By the end of the very next century, gunpowder became relatively common in the form of large and hand-held cannons.

That’s true, and I agree. But it doesn’t stop them from having Spanish in El Cid, Turks as Gokturks in Bukhara, ect. The gunpowder civs have precedent for being represented in pre-gunpowder forms.

The only problem I have with doing that is that you might se HC and Hussite wagons before the year 1000, and if you take the gunpowder from Bohemians, they are NOTHING. You would be making it too easy.

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With what units this faction plays it would make no difference. They would trade the siege discount for better pikemen and that’s pretty much it.

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You could enable with triggers paladin, plate barding armor, bloodlines (and hoardings while we are at it), and you’d get a dangerous cavalry civ

Edit: also maybe give cannons to the Japanese in Kyoto scenario?

Can they even reach imperial age? They kinda are the second weakest enemy in the scenario. That’s probably the reason they didn’t bother changing them.

We are talking about very early Czech history when Bohemian and Moravian people just started to differentiate themselves from other Slavic groups, heck Moravians were even Orthodox and used Glagolic script (predecessor of modern Cyrillic). I have Moravian heritage, and I think that slavs are actually a better fit than Bohemians for this timeframe.

I’m more upset about Bohemians using Eastern European architecture set in the game, at least give them (and Poles) catholic monasteries.


Agreed, this centuries before Bohemia. “Great Moravia” was first formed by the annexation and integration of the Principality of Nitra (modern western Slovakia) by the Principality of Moravia (modern Czech Republic) around 830 AD (It is debated how independent they were from each other beforehand). It was here that Glagolithic script (1st slavic written script) first appeared and Christianity (Orthodox) was first adopted among Western Slavs. However, later King Svatopluk I. re-orientated the Empire to Western Christianity. The Kingdom collapsed soon after his death (894 AD) alongside the Hungarian invasion (895 AD).

The Kingdom of Bohemia was not founded until the 12th century. However, both share the same cultural roots and linguistic origins as well as lot of overlapping territory.

Maybe they are planning to redo Slavs in the future like India, and don’t want to bother changing it now if it will be changed in the future?