Greek evzones

can we put the greek evzones as mercenaries to the swedes?train from barracks

Excuse my ignorance but how are Greek Evzones linked to Sweden?


this is at least the third thread you made asking this, any further will be taken as a spam.


No at sweden like mercan of sweden train from barracks maybe in italy for example

Revolt for Romenia (Ottomans or Russia). You can ship them and remove the limit… It got about 300 hp. Great for a skirm.

At best swedes could have a royal house card like France with which allows them to have Royal Arquebusier from native embassies (but no winged hussars and preferably none of the techs of Vasa House) but still even that could cause some balance issues. Maybe it could be balanced by making it an age 3 card rather than age 1 unlike France & Germans or adding a considerable cost like 200 food/wood etc.