Greek Revolution and some minor improvements

This year is the 200-year-anniversary of the Greek War of Independence. It took place between 1821 and 1829 and lead to the secession of Greece from the Ottoman Empire. While the outcome was mainly ‘decided’ by the superpowers, England and Russia, it was an inspiration for other southern European countries to seek independence from their Ottoman overlords. Thus I present you my suggestion for a Greek Revolution option, available to Ottomans and Germans(!). Being available to the Germans refers to the first Greek king after independence being Otto from the house of Wittelsbach (Bavaria). The playstyle of this revolution is a bit different to other revolutions and evolves a lot around stealth and sabotage and features the first Revolution TEAM shipment to my knowledge. The revolution yields bonuses and shipments regarding irregular/guerilla warfare (which was predominant in this conflict to my knowledge) as well as some naval options, which at least Germany, desperately lacks, while offering little on the side of artillery and cavalry. While I know that tensions are still running high between Greece and Turkey, even in these days, I am neither Turk or Greek myself. So please stay civilised. Thanks.

Greek Revolution (Germans, Ottomans)
All settlers are turned into Evzones. Evzones are regular revolutionary milita but can use stealth (since they are rather a kind of mountain infantry). Shipments arrive twice as fast.

  • Filiki Eteria: Ships 8 Spies and spies deal more damage (all action damage x1,5), esp. to buildings and villagers (x1,33 on top, for a total of double damage against buildings and villagers) [refers to the Greek secret organisation that planed the coup]
  • 16 Spies (INF)
  • 16 Evzones (INF) [the revolutionary militia]
  • 4 Fireships (INF) [unit already in game, e.g. available in the campaign mission where you have to destroy the fountain of youth]
  • Megali Idea (Citizienship Variant): (Re-)Activates slow spawning of settlers (and possibly settlerwagons for Germans, setting Settler Wagon Limit to 49, but they take longer to train).
  • Outfit the merchant fleet [costs 500 coin]: docks slowly spawn fireships and fishing boats are (re-)enabled at docks.
  • Klephts (INF): Ships a number (12?) of Hajduks (available for Romanians and Hungarians so far) [or maybe have Klephts as a remodeld pistolero similar to the Hajduk which is a remodeled Renegado]
  • Armatoloi: Klephts generate a minor coin income, can use stealth and can train themselves (similar to a Daimyo’s ability, but only one unit at a time)
  • Philhellenism (TEAM) [Icon with Byron]: -30% Revolution Cost for Teammates +book crates worth 200XP
  • International Intervention (can be sent twice): Ships 1 Frigate with 2 Falconets onboard
  • Saboteurs: Ships 8 Petards and Petards can use stealth

Some minor improvement suggestions

  • More numbers in descriptions (e.g.: spice trade: ‘replaces x with y in a:b ratio’ instead of ‘x is exchanged for a greater amount of y’)
  • Enable sorting homecity shipments by age AND type (instead of either): grid layout
  • preview of revolution shipments in the age up screen (similar to how the state-specific shipments are visible in the age-up-screen for the US)
  • making spies (and particularly their associated shipments like ‘Assassin’ and ‘Agents’) more useful by enabling a cooldown ranged attack (like Landsknechts’ Oberhau) with a pistol to enable them to combat mercenaries with high melee resistance more effectively.

It seems to me that a potential Italians civ would be a much better option than the Germans. After all, the Republic of Venice and the Republic of Genoa had a lot of Greek territories.

Besides, architecturally, they would also fit better :wink:


It was nice to see other Balkan revolutions - Bulgarians and Serbs (or Yugoslavs / Serbo-Croatians).

Overall, I would like AoE 3 DE to have such very important historical events as the Spring of Nations and the Napoleonic Wars. To portray the Spring of Nations, it is enough to have a larger number of European revolutions (especially in Eastern Europe). For the best presentation of the Napoleonic Wars, you can add such new civs - Austro-Hungary, Denmark-Norway, Italians and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


Well, an Italian civ is not even in the game yet, so I think this is a bit of a fruitless discussion? If there are Italians added at some point they could ofc have a Greek revolution as well, even though the Italian possessions in Greece where all gone by the time revolutions take place (at least Venice was not even an independent state anymore). I think Germans are a good fit, historical (their Colombia(?) rev is really odd-Chile would be more reasonable) and gameplay-wise. The German king of Greece brought a lot of experts (scientists, army instructors, doctors and even beer brewers etc.) to Greece, so I would see that justified as a German revolution.

And before everything else: it is easy to implement, very few new assets (two new skins for Evzones and Klephts and a few icons+a flag are) needed.