Green Arabia for ranked?

How about green Arabia for Ranked? Basically a new map. We can even use it on non-ranked games.

Basically Arabia but it has a lot more trees, allowing you to more easily wall up. Yet, at the same time, it’s not as closed as Black Forest. I quite frankly hate Arabia since it so costly to wall up and takes a long time with all the annoyingly wide open spaces. Certain civs need to boom a bit to get their true strength, but on maps like Arabia they don’t really get a chance to shine. They get rushed, game over. In a nutshell.


With that criteria, BF should be more open to give rush civs a chance to shine… Just, Arabia is open, to play defensive train counters, not just walling up


Black forest is for noobs and bad players who want to chill. Or simply players who want to chill and have an epic fight. Not end with a simple scout rush. Granted, michi is better for that sort of thing.

I’d like to see green arabia, but it isn’t a replacement for the original.
We need to get the real Arabia back in the Map Pool.

So, arabia is for more experimented or rushing lovers who wants a more adrenalinic experience… Why do you want to take off the option for them?

Oh, you mean Runestones?

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Is it just me or is runestone actually way more open than arabia? You get three woodlines that are really far away. At least on Arabia you have a Chance to get 4-5 woodlines that are really Close by. I feel runestones is in most cases way more expensive to full Wall than Arabia… But maybe im Just Always unlucky with my runestones generations.


It’s not just you, Runestones has terrible woodlines. I assume anyone who claims it is wallable is referring to the original version, and has not played thr map in the last several months.


It’s a new version of Arabia. So, it’s not taking it away. I did’t say remove old map.

As for Runestones. There is a lack of trees on the map. It’s basically the same as Arabia.

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I don’t think they will ever split the Arabia map as it is such an iconic and integral part of competitive AoE2…

However, I personally would love playing different versions of Arabia!

For example:

  1. Dry Arabia
    Only 2-3 good Woodpatches somewhat nearby (none in the back of your base). Walling early would be hardly viable as it takes away too much villager work time. Military aggression would be the way to go…
    → scout rushes would be the preferred playstyle here

  2. Arabia
    About 4-5 Woodpatches nearby but not to close.
    Walling takes time and is risky but can proof very beneficial (for example if you can wall in a save back wood).
    → scouts would still be an good option but MAA into Archers also…

  3. Green Arabia
    About 4-5 Woodpatches nearby. (Perhaps even a 5th deer or a tiny pond with 3-4 shore fish which can be either used for food or walling? )
    Early walling would be expected on this map.
    → drush FC or archers would be the preferred strategies on this map

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Yeah, make it random one of These. I guess its is bit like this at the moment with different types of the kotd Arabia, but i Like the idea of having even more Versions.

No we don’t need Green Arabia on the Ladder, however we do need AOC Arabia to begin with.

The current state of Arabia make you mistakenly think that this is actually the Arabia we’ve been playing for decades, that’s not the case, the 4 tiles thick woodlines are something new, AOC Arabia doesnt have this generation. I think you go too far asking for Green Arabia which was way closed, try to take a look in AOC Arabia first, I’m sure it will satisfy you.

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Runestones currently is better than current arabia due to thicker treelines, less or non-existent claustrophobicly close to the town center hills.

It plays smoother and for me personally I don’t full wall, I camp wall - which suits the map just fine.

The starting treeline could be closer, but if that’s its main flaw then it’s doing much better than arabia is atm.

You really don’t have to spam your pro-AoC Arabia everywhere, most people already know what you think the map should be. Then, I’m not actually going to talk about the map, but saying people have played it for decades/20 years is misleading. Granted, I never used Voobly, but surely Arabia would have started to change by then. People have been playing different versions on DE for a couple of years now. Most importantly, if you want a really convincing argument, port the AoC Arabia script onto DE, take screenshots of the minimap and/or map fully zoomed out using CaptureAge. Then do the same for the current Arabia, and post the contrast on here. That will give more people an idea of what you are actually talking about, and no-one really cares, because they haven’t seen the difference. Basically no-one plays pre DE versions of the game anymore, and maybe you do, but it’s possible that you have worked Arabia from AoC to be better than it is, but at least, please get pictures from the map script moved to DE, and let other people contrast. You are more likely to find people agreeing with you that way. It has to be a screenshot from DE, especially both the fully zoomed map and the minimap, because otherwise, I think a lot of people, likely including myself, will be biased against you beloved AoC Arabia because of the pixels. I’m also not doing this myself, because I just don’t care enough, but if you want to actually change people’s minds, this could be a good start.


Depends on how you play it. I’m fine with playing Black Forest as long as you change the etiquette to get rid of early walling, and don’t play on fully explored. Then more stuff becomes viable. You get to rush, you get to boom, and you get an epic post-imp fight. Much better than just the last two steps.

Not really. Black forest is insanely popular at low levels but st higher tg elos it all but disappears