Grenade Launcher Card Should Be Part Of Veteran Upgrade

The benefits gained by the grenade launcher card should instead be rolled into the grenadier veteran upgrade, and the card removed from civs that can make grenadiers by default.

instead grenade launcher card enables grenadiers and gives them the veteran upgrade.

while on this topic, grenade launcher attacks should be instant with no attack delay and have additional range, and grenadier cards in general need to more closely follow resource values for each age.

increasing grenadier cost to 160 food 40 gold and buffing their stats to be usable would also be nice, but its been 20 years so I wont be holding my breath.


They do need changing but giving them grenade launcher by default would be too much.


in what way. this unit is unusable without that card, a sign of terrible design. rolling that card into baseline means there is a smaller barrier to using a still trash tier unit.

In every situation except attacking unprotected towers and forts grenadiers are always the wrong choice, and will still be if the card is rolled into their veteran upgrade.

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Maybe as advancd arsenal??


I would say grenadiers should be one population, to make them more usable , I would be in favor of the launcher upgrade being automatic for all grenadiers

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No matter the cost of the unit, the fact that it can miss shots because of the attack animation delay, is the main weakness of the unit.

In the PUP they solved a similar issue with the Incan boleadoras, they are now able to kite because of the removal of animation delay (And also balanced it’s expensive cost).

So, solutions for grenadier entering the meta.


  • Remove attack animations delay (Or at least make minimal, Argentine granaderos have it like that right?).
  • Make grenade launcher either a base upgrade (guard rather than veteran), or add it to the arsenal (Not sure if the regular or advanced arsenal).
  • Remove the heavy infantry tag, so at least it can go toe to toe against skirmishers (It already gets wrecked by cav, so wouldn’t really change much vs them).

If those reworks aren’t balanced in the eyes of the devs, then basic buffs would be:

  • Balance the cost.
  • Increase speed.


  • Remove them from the royal guard unit status (Russia, Strelets would be more deserving).

That’s as much as the unit would need :confused:


The grenade launcher must be enabled in the advanced arsenal, and the ‘insendiary grenades’ upgrade should give it a bonus against general infantry (In addition to its current buff).

I don’t think there is a need to remove the ‘heavy infantry’ label. Someone on another forum mentioned that the grenadiers were more musketeers than full-time grenadiers. Such a unit would be interesting and this is what I proposed:


Maybe grenade launcher technology should exist in advanced Arsenal, or it should not reduce the splash range, if the grenade launcher reduces the splash range, then the value of the card is greatly reduced

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Yeah making them useable would be op. Haha…


I think he’s partly right, they should get it via arsenal or veterancy upgrade, but they should also fix their regular animation as well.


I think they should not be part of the veteran upgrade - they should still be a distinct upgrade, especially as historically they didn’t suddenly replace grenade-throwing as they were rather niche (finding use more on ships and siege). I like the suggestion of them being part of the Advanced Arsenal.

One other suggestion is that Grenadiers take 1 pop (and balanced accordindly) but when upgraded with the Grenade Launcher turns to a more powerful 2 pop unit.


Maybe combine it with incendiary grandes technology and make it a little more expensive. That one is not useful either.

And to think of this card also “unlocks grenadiers and incendiary grenades for all civs” as if there are really intriguing…

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To be more historically accurate, I think the grenadier should always have been like the soldier; a stronger musketeer who throws grenades with a charged ability. But I don’t know how modifying the grenadier to turn it into a soldier would affect the gameplay.


Yeah, ideally they would be just super musketeers - heavy infantry that use musket and grenade and have an expense or even a build limit to make sure that typical armies have more musketeers than grenadiers and that grenadiers are the ‘elite’.


The Grenade Launcher card is too low in value, the grenade launcher lowering range is unreasonable, the Grenadier has been restrained by too many units, any cavalry can restrain it

The grenade launcher increases range by 2 from 12 to 14 though, it doesn’t decrease range and I did agree that Grenadiers need a buff. which is why I want the grenade launcher upgrade to be moved to be more accessible. I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me.

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I think this card should definitely be an advanced arsenal upgrade so it shouldn’t occupy the deck.


French get the grenade launcher tech with their church card after researching the Old Guard technology.