So there was a forum post here once and I didnt really understand why someone found them OP, because I encountered them once and heavy infantry then did the job.

But I guess the balance then was skewed, because today I found out they are ridiculously broken.

Their cost + their area damage + their pop space + instant training = unbeatable.

It was 2 v 1 and we still couldnt beat him, we threw everything at him, I spammed gendarme, but just the amount of grenedaros melted them almost instantly. In open planes they did better as I micromanaged them, but when you kill 100, they just instantly come back killing your gendarme.

Gendarme is one of the best heavy cavalry and they cant keep up with the grenadaro, yes they “counter” them, but in reality the sheer numbers and spamability of the grenedaro is too high to keep up with as France. I even ran out of resources multiple times, with all eco cards and upgrades.

Hi, it was me, the argentina player.
Granaderos are countered by handbunits, like heavy cav or samurais, doppel, landsquenets. I have to put canoon to protect them frombsamurai, and they are very easy to kill, because of the guard level.
Eco is not good, cause if you spam granaderos, your food drop, so vs an imperial eco, in a spamming game vs gendarmes, argentina will run out of food before imperial france.

I won because of your japan ally surrender. I played with wall and fort. Make hand units and mortar, and argentina will fall.

All I did was spamming gendarme but it became a never ending stalemate untill my teammate resigned and me being unable to train enough Gendarme to kill your genaderos, which were instantly trained.

I made also mortars but the range of the grenedaro just killed them easily, and again, the mass of grenedaros melted my gendarme if I didnt micromanage them and then near your base I barely could because of the walls, resulting in you melting them.