Grouping units

There’s several different ways of grouping units, and I’d like to know which aoede is going for.

The most commonly known ist ctrl + number. This can be done either exclusively or not, meaning units can only exist in either only one or multiple control groups. Personally I like exclusive, like in age2.

Now on top of that sometimes you can rightclick something in your interface for that affect. Age of Mythology featured that and it’s a feature I very much like. As I usually use groups 1-4 over keyboard and 6-0 over the screen.

Age of empires 1 also had this interesting method of grouping units without binding them to a hotkey, I somewhat liked that and miss that feature, but I may be the only person that does.

So I hope for some options in this matter. Oppinions?

I don’t know the user interface button you click to form groups (other than combat formation buttons for the group movement). I only played AOE2 and it’s HD brother. I use 1-9 keys.

It’s basically you select multiple units and click on group and every time you click on any of the units, all are selected.

I’m fairly sure they’ll keep what was in the original game. I’m not sure if they’ll add a button, but I kinda doubt it.

As long as ctrl+num creates, shift+num adds to group and ctrl click selects unit type
across screen I will be very happy!