Guaraní civilization

The Guaraní have a important role in the history of South America, the development of the colonies and trade;

  • First and second war against the Inca (1450)

Mid XV century, the Inca Yupanki defeat the Guaraní invasion
1510, in the reign of Huayna Capac, father of the great Atahualpa, a second invasion that managed to raid gold and silver

  • War against Spanish/Integration with Spanish (1524)

Since the arrival of the Conquistadors many battles and alliances were made
A coalition of Guaraníes, Charrúas and (possibly) Mapuches fought against spanish and Lansquenettes, win and then burn their boats and expel the First Adelantado
Some time later some Chiefs gives their daughter to secure alliance with the Conquistadors giving start to the mestizaje and the first cities

  • The Guaranitic War (1756)

The Guaraní living in the Reductions of the Jesuit fought battles against a coalition of Portugal, Spanish and Tupí
In the Battle of Mbororé they win by canoa fight
By that time there were still Forest Guaraní who rejected cristianity and call his brethrens to return to tradition, and the Reduction Guaraní call them to join the faith
The Guaraní in the Reductions had military instruction similar to the Tercio Español, access to gunpowder, cavalry, swords, rodelas, arrows, slings and clubs

Therefore it’s a very suitable suggestion to include them
The Guaraní Nation is meant to be the representation of all the tribes (wich were a lot) that shared common cultural, tongue, religion, fisionomic and most times goals

Reference images displays at the end
Civ Features

  1. They lived in massive community houses, wich supports great population and train almost all infantry units, Metropoli Ita Pyta Punta

  2. The Fire Pit returns because is a important religious and cultural part of the Guaraní ;the chant and dance (facing the fire, in circle, singing)

  3. Since they dont work metal BUT some of the tribes do value them and the others do help the Conquistadors find it, is almost perfect the use of the Tribal Market

  4. Paje (Shaman, healer) archer unit with low attack, good against Mercenary, has boost damage aura (stockable up to 3) and heals, can dance in the Fire Pit (equivalent of 2 villagers dancing) máx of 5

  5. The basic Palisade is much stronger and cheaper (cannot upgrade to stone)

  6. The Tapyi house (cheap smaller house) provides aura to fast gather wood

  7. Reduction, Fort like building that shoots, can garrison and train units, recieve shipments

  8. The Warchief/Explorer (foot archer) can hunt has the active hability (huge cooldown) to insta melee kill a enemy explorer Marasana (why?, you may ask) is a representation of the antropofagic ritual performed on the best enemy warrior, has a strong arrow shot ability to kill guardians or injure enemy units

Do not have horses or artillery until card Guaraní Uprising (Fortress Age) when arrive loses the Heads of Warning card bonus and the Explorer ability Marasana



1-Town Center;looks like a bigger communal house, supports more population
2-Communal house; supports 30 pop, has huge hit points, cost much wood, can build most infantry, can garrison units, does good damage against infantry, recieve shipments Máx.5
3-Tapyi; cheap house, support 7 pop, cannot train infantry, provides aura to fast gather wood Máx. 7
4-Tatarenda; (plantation like) a fire pit that allows to dry yerba mate to produce gold
5-Paje Hut (arsenal like building); research technologies, Tembeta (reduce the train time of infantry), Jaguarete skin (more hit points to infantry), Hand wrist brace (archer shoots faster), Amulet (passive small dodge on the Warchief), Hardenet wood (increase damage of the infantry)
6-Market (atlatl; increase hunter gather rate), (rozado; increases wood gather rate), (trade with europe;increase coin gather), (medicinal herbs; increase villager HP), (Hunting arrows; increase villager attack)
7- Palisade walls, cheaper and stronger, can recibe the card upgrade “Heads of Warning” (which was the beheaded heads puts on stakes outside the walls) that increases Hit Points and siege resistance
8-Reduction (available from the card Guaraní Uprising) a Powerfull Fort like building that shoots, can garrison and train troops (Horse Lancer, Arcabucero, Takuara Cannon and Slinger) máx. 4 cannot be re-build
9-Mburuvicha Roga, (house of the Warchief) máx.1; Replace the native embassy, train minor native american units, Carib Blowgunner, Mapuche Ironwood Clubman, Tupi Blackwood Archer and mercenary units; comanchero, pistolero, renegado

Fire Pit; Allows


Age I
Fertility; increase unit train rate
Té Ojere ceremony; tricke XP
Warchief Tuvichaite; Increase Warchief Hit Points and damage, returns him when collapse
Water; Increases all boats Hit Points and attack damage
Age II
Religious Ceremony; Spawn Paje
Yvy marane’y rape; Spawn kokue rickshaw (transform into a corn orchard for food production)
Pety (tobacco) Ceremony; Increase all units Hit Points
Age IV
Great Paje; Spawn or recover (1) hero melee Paje that recieves shipments, train infantry, heal, has a hit point boost aura and powerfull area attack

Infantry Communal House


1-Mymbukujara (long spearman) good against cavalry, can hunt
2-Takapejara (wooden sword like maze) heavy infantry that wears a shield made of turtle, tree bark and leather, like a rodelero, has the ability to charge (increased speed movement)
3-Yvyrapéjara (club) shock infantry, deals extra damage to skirmishers and buildings
4-Hy’yvyjara (longbowman) shoots from great distance, great at siege and against ships, has the ability to stealth

Reduction Units


5-Horse Lancer, heavy cavalry similar to the spanish lancer, wears a adarga, effective against melee infantry and cavalry
6-Arcabucero, fast mosquet infantry unit
7-Takuara cannon, similar to the leather cannon, low range, fast and most efective against units
8- Slinger, infantry, effective against skirmishers

Fire Pit Units


9-Paje (shaman, healer) archer unit with low attack, good against Mercenary, has boost damage aura (stockable up to 3) and heals, can dance in the Fire Pit (equivalent of 2 villagers dancing) Máx. 5
10-Great Paje, Hero Paje melee that recieves shipments, train infantry, heal, has a hit point boost aura and deals area attack



Fishing boat; gather food from fish and coin from whale
Canoe; basic naval unit, can gather fish and whale, transport units and attack
War Canoe; Fast naval unit, effective at numbers, can gather fish and transport units
Advance War Canoe; fast naval unit, transport units, shoots rifle shots, can train Hy’yvyjara (longbowman)

Big Buttons


Town Center; Arandu ka’avy (forestry knowledge) increase the movement speed of the villagers
Communal House; Warchiefs Speech, increase the number of the military units train in groups
Tapyi; Manga (a sport, used a ball made of corn leaf) increase the movement speed of infantry
Market; Chicha brew (yes, they drink it too) provides experience
Reduction; Trained Company; Delivers 4 Horse Lancers, 4 Arcabuceros, 2 Takuara Cannon (can be research up to two times)
Mburuvicha Roga; Tovaja Warchief (warchief brother in law) delivers 4 Takapejara, 4 Hy’yvyjara, 4 Mymbukujara, 4 Yvyrapéjara (can be research up to two times)
Paje Hut; Kambuchi for the dead (vessel for the dead), reduce the exp given to the enemy by the dead of your infantry units
Tatarenda; Refine Ka’a dry method (dry of yerba mate) produce coin faster
Palisade; Fake pits, increase the Hit Points of the walls



Age I; 2Villagers;(Purple) 300 Food/ or Wood/or Gold, Forest Gatherers; trickles 0.5 food, Marasana Rope; reduce the cooldown of the Warchief abilities
Age II; 4Villagers; (Team) 3 Villagers, 800 Food, 600 Wood, 700 Wood, 500 Gold, 2Paje, Advance Scouts
Age III; 5Villagers; 1000 Food, 1000 Wood, 800 Gold, (Team) 500 Food, (Purple) Kokue Rickshaw
Age IV; 1500 Wood, 1000 Gold, (Team) 1500 Food

Mburuvicha Roga


Age II; 4/5Takapejara, 5/6 Hy’yvyjara, 3/4 Yvyrapéjara, 4/5 Mymbukujara, Forest Routes; Infantry shipment arrives faster, Belligerent Society; Infantry gain 15% Hit Points and Attack, Diplomatic Marriages; The train of Native Allies cost no gold
Age III; Guaraní Uprising (500Food and wood); Allows to build Reduction, 10 Takapejara, 8 Hy’yvyjara, 9 Yvyrapéjara, 10 Mymbukujara, WarCry; Increase the siege damage of infantry
Age IV; 15 Takapejara, 12 Hy’yvyjara, 14 Yvyrapéjara, 15 Mymbukujara

Paje Hut


Age I; Advanced Trading post, Advanced Dock, Advanced Market, The Juliana Revelion; Villagers deals more melee damage
Age II; Native Lore, Guaraní Cosmogony; Increase LOS, Heads of Warning; Increase the Hit Points and siege resistance of Palisade Wall, 2 Tradin Post Travois, Great House; Increase the TC Hit Points and reduce his cost
Age III; Native Warrior Combat, Native warriors, Oral Tradition; Increase the damage of the Paje’s aura
Age IV; The Last Defenders of the Forest; trickle 0.8 wood

Fire Pit


Age I;1 Kokue rickshaw, exotic hardwoods, fish market, Furrier, woodcrafting, Chaco Hunter;4 Ostrich
Age II; Spice trade, Great Hunter, Canoes; cost -25%, Communal kokue; ships 2 kokue rickshaw and improve gathering rate, Sages Council; Reduce Big Buttons cost 25%, River Hunter; 6 capybara
Age III; Tava Kokue; ships 3 kokue rickshaw and improve gathering rate, Guaraní Toponymy; Show all the enemy TC, Forest Hunter; 8 Tapir
Age IV; Old Ways; Reduce Big Buttons cost -35%



Age I; 3 Fishing boats, Paraguay River Habitant; Increase the food gather by the fishing boats
Age II; 4 Canoes, 3 War Canoes, First Mestizos;
Delivers 11 Rodeleros (500 coin), Chiriguanos; Delivers 8 bolas warriors (500 coin), Bucaneers; Ships 3 privateers (500 coin), Outlaws Fighter; Reduce the population of the Comanchero, Pistolero, Renegado
Age III; 5 War Canoes, Cacique Ñandua; Ships 15 Takapéjara and improve their damage (1000 food 300 gold), Cacique Arakare; Ships 15 Hy’yvyjara and improve their damage (1000 wood 300 gold), Cacique Amandayvi; Ships 15 Mymbukujara and improve their damage (1000 food 300 gold), Cacique Kanindeju; Ships 15 Yvyrapéjara and improve their damage (1000 food 300 gold)
Reduction Desertor; Allow to train Slinger and Arcabucero in the communal house, cannot send Guaraní Uprising after this card, Reduction Stonemason; Increase the Hit Points and attack of the Reductions, Paraguayan Market; Ships 1000gold and increase the gold gather by the Tatarenda, Industrialisation of Yerba Mate; Greatly enhance the gold gather by the Tatarenda, cannot send Reduction Desertor after this card, Araporuaguijeihaba (Correct use of time); Reduce the research time -25% of all techs
Age IV; 5 Advance War Canoe, (Purple) First Gauchos; Ships 15 Vaqueros (Comanche) melee, that throw bolas to snare enemy units and deals extra damage to cavalry (1000gold), (Purple) Paraguaygua; Ships 25 fully upgraded Muskets with enhanced movement speed (1500gold), (Purple) Mestizos; Ships 30 fully upgraded Rodeleros (1000gold), 4 privateers (500gold), Footshoot; Increase the range of the Hy’yvyjara and the damage done to infantry


If you come this far I hope you like it, i can deliver the bibliography in pdf if requested


Impressive work. I learned a lot about the Guarani that I would not have otherwise. I’d love to see the biblio.


Nice suggestion, i wouldn’t mind them


There is two things I forgot;
1- The other three books can only be download and are not available for net display like this first one (this is the most War related)
2- Everything is in spanish (Im guessing thats why the anglo world dont know south history)
I will upload the rest of the books when I track the direct link download

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Why is a Japanese guy from a Tokyo university writing his thesis on Native American history in Spanish?

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Definitely the largest native group after the Incas in South America. I would like to see them included.


It could be because no one did it before perhaps (most of the south is academically sluggish) and he most likely write it in english and the University of Santiago de Chile dub it

This is another of the books


They definitly deserve a spot in the game, at least as a Native Ally civ.


they should certainly be in the game, I appreciate that you attach enough information for those who do not know the culture. :clap:


Thanks for taking your time on the post man!
I’m still tracking some of the links

This one has a deep contextual information about their religious view
The Paje, their migration, and the cultural importance of the spoken word; the reason why is still talk until today as a official language along with spanish


I dont play this game but I find this idea a good addition.

This game should really have more natives from colonial eras.


Paraguay! :paraguay:


Here’s a picture from the last book that is unavailable online, it got a lot of pormenorized information and draws of the time period

Gonzalez Torres, Dionisio M. (2010) Cultura Guaraní 25 de mayo y México - Plaza Uruguaya, Asunción, Paraguay. Editorial Servilibro


they totally deserve to be in the game, and they do fit perfectly the time frame


First of all i think that they definitly should be a part of the game. At least as a minor civ. Really nice and i didnt knew about them.

Did they actually used gunpowder?

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Afgans would also be an choice to add,they are still free peoples.

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Yes, in the Reductions they were instructed in the use of fireguns and particularly the Squadron/Company of the Tercio formation, all of it because of the Portuguese advance on Spanish territory, I got some links to letters writen by the Fathers working in the Reductions if you want/can take a look

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If you have a civ concept for them, let me know!
I would like to see it to learn more

They did not have an Empire, and they basically have only one interesting unit to add to the game: the Jezzail.

I think Pashtuns work better as a Minor Settlement civ.

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Durrani Empire