[GUIDE] All units in the game and their classifications

I have made a visual guide for all units in the game and their classifications. So next time you see a technology that boosts Gunpowder Units, or Archers, or Hand Infantry, you know where to look. It can also help to learn what counters what.
Every classification is taken from the game’s code, even though some of them are invisible in the UI (such as Archer tag or the ‘AbstractCoyoteman’ tag).

Link: https://imgur.com/311eyb9

Revolution units

I have to say that some of the Revolution units were not included simply because they are just reskins of other ones, with a few tweaks. The units not included are:

Settler: Metis Pathfinder (Canada)
Renegado: Hajduk (Hungary, Romania), Chinaco (Mexico)
Pirate: Buccaneer (Haiti)
Comanchero: Gaucho (Argentina), Morochuco (Peru), Cowboy (USA)
Revolutionary: Voluntario da Patria (Brazil), Grenzer (Hungary), Peruvian Legion (Peru), Dorobant (Romania)
Musketeer: Independence Guard (Gran Colombia)
Grenadier: Hungarian Grenadier (Hungary)
Skirmisher: Karelian Jaeger (Finland)
Hussar: Hussar of Death (Chile), Magyar Hussar (Hungary)
Dragoon: Independence Dragoon (Brazil), Rostor Dragoon (Romania)
Cavalry Archer: Wallachian Horse Archer (Romania)
Jaeger: Pandour (Hungary, Romania) – exactly same stats as regular Jaeger, just different name
Stradiot: Crabat (Hungary, Romania)

A few interesting things to know about the european arsenal techs

  • Infantry Breastplate increases the HP of ALL Hand Infantry (yes, including Pets!), However, for archers, it only boosts Foot Archers (including the Eagle Runner Knight, which is also shock infantry). So, mounted archers are not affected by this particular tech.
  • Flint Lock and Paper Cartridge (Advanced Arsenal techs) will boost ALL Gunpowder Units. So this means also Leather Cannons and Cetbang Cannons.

PS: Contrary to popular belief, when a tech says it affects “Ranged Infantry”, it means ALL, not just skirmisher-type units.

A few interesting things to know about the native techs

  • The Carib techs for archers applies to ALL archers (including cavalry). The same is true for Seminole and Tupi techs.
  • In this game, techs that boost fishing boat gather rate, such as the Huron Fish Wedding will also affect the War Ships that can gather from fish/whale (such as the Caravel), cause they are also tagged as Fishing Boats.
  • Similarly, techs that affect villagers will also affect fishing boats, cause they are also villagers. One example is the Nootka Bark Clothing and the Jesuit Christian Schools.


Stealth units are not tagged because they are not a classification, but rather an ability. Nonetheless, I have included them in the visual guide. The list of Stealth units are:

□ Spy
□ Jaguar Prowl Knight
□ Coyote Runner (needs card)
□ Forest Prowler
□ Tashunke Prowler
□ Lakota War Chief (needs card)
□ Japanese Monk (needs monastery tech)
□ Shinobi
□ Ninja
□ Navajo Rifleman
□ Native Scout

Most units have their speed halved when going into stealth mode, except the Shinobi and the Navajo Rifleman, who lose 25%/30% speed respectively.


When it comes to stances, they are based on the Ranged/Hand tags.
The Defend and Stand Ground stances are present for all infantry, shock infantry and cavalry. They don’t change any of the unit stats.

Imagem sem título
Exception: Pets don’t have these buttons. Petard and Ram also have this button layout, despite not being tagged as Hand Infantry.

Imagem sem títddulo
Exception: The Flamethrower is the only Ranged Infantry that does not have Melee Mode.

Exception: The Flail Elephant is the only Hand Cavalry that does not have Trample Mode.


Since these two are the only units that are both Ranged Cavalry and Hand Cavalry at the same time, they have both Stagger Mode and Trample Mode available for them simultaneously.

NOTE: For Artillery, the Leather Cannon and the Cetbang Cannon are the only ones that are always in Bombard Mode. They really should be viewed as Gunpowder Infantry rather than Artillery.

The End

That’s it for now. If I think of other things to add, I’ll edit it.


Wow! Thx alot for this! This is VERY helpfull.

So Mounted Granaderos (Argentinia) and Llanaros (Grand Columbia) are neither light nor heavy cavalry, making them strong against Dragoons and skirms… good to know <3

I noticed that the Gaucho (Argentinia) dosent behave like other Comancheros: Other comancheros (Morochuco & Cowboys) can be produced instantly if you have “Mass Cavalry” + “Riding School” + “Wild West” - but not the Gaucho. Either he is bugged or tagged differntly.

I think the heavy infantry that should adopt a cover posture should be changed to Ranged defense,
Cavalry in a stampede position should be changed to a melee defense

Here’s an updated version, including the addition of Eagle Scout (aztecs) and the changes made to Shock Infantry with the last patch.


@Barath424 The units in the revolution system are a bit weirdly tagged.
Outlaw is not a tag in the game. For example, when a tech applies to Outlaws (such as the Wild West tech), the game calls every unit in the code since there is no unified tag for all outlaws.

The Wild West tech applies to the following revolutionary units (meaning they are considered outlaws by the game):
Mounted Granadero (Argentina)
Jagunco (Brazil) - a modified version of the Comanchero unit
Llanero (Colombia) - a modified version of the Comanchero unit
Vaquero (Mexico) - a modified version of the Comanchero unit

The Gaucho (Argentina) is called ‘deREVGaucho’ in the code files. They are tagged as Cavalry, so the Mass Cavalry church tech should apply to them.
However ‘Wild West’ doesn’t affect them. Same goes for Morochuco (Peru) and Cowboy (USA).
Here are the tags for Gaucho:

As you can see they are tagged as Cavalry. So the fast training tech at the church should apply to them.
My guess is that, in your testing with Argentina, you researched Wild West and Mass Cavalry, and then compared the training time of Mounted Granadero and Gaucho, and realized the latter was slower.
But that’s because Wild West makes outlaw units train 50% faster. So your mounted granaderos were training 85% faster and your Gauchos were training only 35% faster. That’s my guess.

I don’t understand why the Gaucho, Morochuco and Cowboy are not affected by Wild West.
I’m not a fan of these units that are based on the Comanchero.
To me, it was a lazy job.

For instance, the Llanero (Gran Colombia) inherited the ‘Ranged Cavalry’ tag from the Comanchero unit, but Llaneros ONLY have access to melee attack, with a lance.

They need to look into these units in my opinion.


Ah, thx.
Morochuco and Cowboy actually ARE affected by Wild West. Same is true for the “Renegado” Revolution- Units (Romania, Hungary, Mexico). Only Gaucho isnt. Maybe its for balance reasons, cause they feared Argentinia having 2 Outlaws would be too strong…

Imho the “Outlaw”-Units are the main strength of most Revolutions in treaty and what makes them viable there. They are cheap (VERY cost effective), produced instantly (except for Gauchos^^), take only 1 pop-slot and give lots and lots of build-XP. Llanero & Granadero not being considered Heavy-Cav and/or light Cav makes them hard to counter.

Try playing argentinia with Germans in treaty: 140 pops as workers on food (+some Gauchos farming cows), Spam Mounted Granaderos (dont forget the riding-school card or it wont work) and use the XP generated this way to send infinte Forts (which again spam Granaderos). Its a stupid tactic, but fun XD