Guide for Scenario/Campaign Editor

Is there such a creature out there for AOEDE? I found lots of them for AOEDE2, but nothing on 1.

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Edit: Misunderstood the op question.

I must be missing it. The thing I was looking for was a trigger and I know where it is in AOE2 but I don’t have that button in AOE. Are triggers not allowed? And is there a way to make sure the objectives are met before global victory?

Unfortunately it doesn’t exist triggers in Age1.

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That totally stinks. How about disabling global victory?

Leave the global win at “standard” and set single wins. Or what do you want to do?

I want the individual victory by completing all the objectives and if you take out the enemy it doesn’t give you the victory message. If I set it to standard, then it trips the ruins victory because I have a medusa in an area with the ruins. The only way around it I found so far was I made an island in the middle of a lake, put a couple of heroes on it so you could finish everything before taking them out. I am trying to work out a new scenario for the odd achievements of medusa, lion, and heroses because the one I downloaded doesn’t work anymore. I was also trying to set it up so you can accomplish convert a priest, the food, wood, stone, and gold achievements. I had to wall up the medusa and some of the heroes because no matter what stance I set them at besides immobileresign they will slam attack you after 10 minutes of play.

As far as I remember, the individual wins count as soon as you set them up. The thing about defeated opponents is the way it is. You always win when you defeat all your opponents, no matter what you set.

Global victory conditions can be disabled! Click on them, then you’ll find different global win conditions. The last one below “time limit” should be “custom” win conditions. If you click on them, several options are shown. Uncheck every option. Then only the individual win cons are enabled. If you edit a scenario there is a bug that global win cons are resetting. So everytime you edit a scenario make sure to disable global win cons again.


Thanks Decius! I didn’t even think to look under the time settings.


So for anyone who is interested I have the text files for the instructions on the scenario/campaign editor plus ai and strategy instructions. If you happen to know where your orignal disk with the Rise of Rome pack is, it is in a folder called Docs on the disk.

Unfortunately they are not real clear on how to package the campaign. So if I wanted to send the 2 scenarios I created (which are in a campaign called Achievements), I would have to zip the campaign file and the 2 scenario files together then reverse the process on another computer. Is that correct? And if I make any special AI strategies or Mods for the game, then those would have to be included as well?

If you created a campaign out of two scenarios in the ingame campaign editor and you want that the campaign is playable on other computers, you have to zip only the campaign file and send it to another computer. There is no need to send the scenarios alongside the campaign file. You need the scenario files only, if you want to edit them on the other computer. Same goes with special AI strategies (ai and per files).

A campaign file integrates every scenario file and AI strategy file that it needs to be playable as intended.
If you want to edit scenarios or AI files of the campaign on the other computer, then you have to include them seperately.


Decius, have you written a guide? Thank you so much!

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Fixed a bug in some campaign missions!!!

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Your welcome! I didn’t wrote a guide, but I figured a lot of things out, when I created scenarios and campaigns in the past. Especially the creation of my campaign “Rise and Fall of the Seleucids” teached me many things! :smiley:

Just thought you would like to know that the Canaanite scenario in the Egypt campaign has no objectives and thus no victory when completed.

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Thank you! It is fixing already!

I created a new mod because the site blocks the ability to change the old one!
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