[Guide] How to make Cinematic Screenshots

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This will be a small guide step by step for everybody that wants to create a full screen screenshot in the editor, without having to crop everytime or having the damn meedling UI in the middle.

There are a few things to set up on triggers

and fortunately you can save Triggers so you just have to setup one time and you can load whenever you wanna make a screenshot on editor.

That’s it for the triggers, you can save them all and rename them whatever. I named them Screenshot
Camera tracking for the perfect angle
  • Click the icon that looks like a camera, under Developer

  • Click Free Cam

  • (step 0) You have unlimited zoom now, and you can move the camera view with CTRL + ARROW KEYS, Right and Left rotate the camera, up and down move the camera on the Z axis. You can always press ESC to get out from the under menus. Make a camera angle that you like.

  • Click the camera icon once again. Click Insert underneath Clear. A new “Track_1” is created. Click on Add, side of Waypoints. Add a Duration, like 10 secs (doesn’t really matter for static shots).

  • If you want a different shot, go again through the (step 0), then select the camera icon and just click on Update selecting both Point0 and Point1. Double clicking Point0 or Point1 will always make you go back to the angle you saved.

  • Go to Triggers and select the previously created Camera_Track. Now under Name, you got “Track_1”, created just now. Select it.

  • Go to Scenario, top menu, and select Playtest Scenario. Doesn’t really matter what player you choose. Click ok

  • You should be viewing from the angle you saved in the “Track_1” (here Lizzie has an animation)

Cinematics will start in 4 secs, like we set up in the trigger. Why did i add this Timer?

  • I have a crappy computer, immediately starting Cinematics will remove the ui and i want the best graphic options on for the screen, so as soon as the scenario playtest start, i pause the game and crank the graphics at max for the screenshot in the settings. Unfortunately there is a bug on DE, and the camera angle we used is ‘forgot’ by the game. This is where the trigger End_Cinematics with the You Lose effects comes handy.

  • Don’t worry, the cinematics will still start in 4 secs

  • Bonus: Cinematics removes the hero glows as well. The Cinematics will stay forever if you leave but the camera angle is fuc*ed. Now comes the End_Cinematics trigger in effect. Press ESC. You should see this.

  • Return to Main Menu will get you back to the Scenario Editor, instead, Replay Scenario will restart the scenario with the CORRECT camera angle you saved in “Track_1” and you can let the cinematic start.

  • After 4 secs:

You can pause a cinematic cut by pressing F10.

  • Press Print on your keyboard or any screenshot shortcut you have and you can paste it anywhere (even directly on this forum )


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Trigger for Age

New trigger → Run imediately / Active → Effects → Type → Player: set Age → Player 1-8 / Age 0-4 / Display Effect ON. You won’t see the effect on the editor but, if you followed my tutorial, you will see it in the game when playtesting.

Trigger Immortality (almost)

There isn’t something that makes your units immortal but you can use ModifyProtoUnit and make them have absurd amount of hp.

To do this, New trigger → Run imediately / Active → Effects → Type → ModifyProtunit .

The name of the units are strange in the editor, not like how they are in normal game. But there is an easy way for you to know them. Select the unit and then, top panel select Objects → Replace Unit. A side panel will come. Now select again the unit which name you want to know of. Done. ( If a @tantalus_dev_team read this, could you try to implement the same thing of Replace unit in the proto unit selection. Given the game already has the code to understand what unit it is that i am selecting, why the faq PROTOUNIT can’t do it)

As per this side screen, the name of the unit is ypDaimyoMototada. Now in the ProtoUnit box, search for that exact name. Select the PLAYER and what Field you want to modify, now it is Hitpoints, and then in the Delta (which is a weird multiplier that behaves differently for different fields) put a big number, like 10000… you get this as result:

10k hp Daimyo and when the trigger for the cinematic activates:

2 Units fighting for quite a long time without any UI.

Trigger Revolution (Just Flags)

( TBC… for real trigger)

Ah, you just want the flags? If that is the case, it is really simply. In that case just New trigger → Run imediately / Active → Effects → Type → Player:Override Civilization for Flag. Which will get you to this screen:

Then choose which player and what flag you want. As always, the editor won’t show the change but when you play test it:

Revolution Canada Flag !!! :smiley: GL and HF in the editor.