Gujaras Genitours in Team Games

In Imperial Age Gujaras Elite Genitours have a lot more going for them they get +40% bonus damage meaning they deal 15 damage to Arbalest and 17.8 to Cavalry archers and with 75 Hp and 1.49 speed, and Kshatriyas I think they are a powerful unit maybe even over-powered.

You are also granting your berber ally +25% faster Camel riders and Camel Archers.

Counter Question, how many times you see Genitours being used in TGs, especially ones that lack Ring Archer Armor?


pretty sure that magyars genitours are the best, by far
and still haven’t seen them once.

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How did you get 15 and 17.8 damage?
Also dont forget that they have a reload time of 3