Gurjaras OP Armoured elephants

They do
Knight-line +2 against archers and Mahouts that increase WE speed
I wonder if you can merge these two bonus to all Persians mounted units

you mean like persians getting a cuman bonus but as a TB, and better??? :smiley:

you do realise pole scout line gets ONLY +1 vs archers. so even if you reduced persians from 2 to 1, its still much better than poles?

so definitely cant be a TB. cumans get max 15% faster cav and only in imperial age. even if persian speed bonus is ONLY +5% its still faster than cumans, because bonuses are multiplicative with tech

so even if its +1 v archers and +5% its better than other civss bonuses.

or do you mean mahouts makes all cav faster, and gives them bonus damage? so like a massive UT powerspike? considering persians have FU stable?

at most something like UT gives +10% speed only, no bonus damage. nothing higher than 10% (their hussars will be faster than shivs, so i think even this is impossible)

ya exactly. You definitely need some pikemen against this civ. Pikes do get like +23 bonus damage against armored elephants. Btw, Sicilians is a slower civ in the early game and they grow powerful as game goes on from the value of their military units and fast built castles.
T90 hypes up a lot of such stuff from the new civs. Its just a matter of getting used to the old strong civs but a new strong civ or unit feels OP.

Its fine to nerf the extra bonus damage to something like 33% as long as its done in conjunction with all the other powerful and very high percentage bonuses in the game (like Britons sheep, tc discount, Franks castle discount, chivalry production rate, Mayan archer discount, Burgundian stable tech discount etc).

So it does… in my defence, it’s been almost 22 years since I read the description of Bloodlines.

Neither of those use the phrase “mounted units” in their descriptions (or, for that matter, affect all mounted units).