Hacienda Dream List

This thread is to discuss ideas for potential changes for the Hacienda in a centralized thread. Overall the Hacienda is in a pretty good state, but maybe others will disagree.

Really, the reason I had this idea at all was I felt the Wood Gather function, gained from the Yucatan card “Solis Shredders,” should be affected by the imperial wood tech Deforestation. Right now, the wood gather rate of vils on the Hacienda feels so slow as to be useless (0.5w/s), but with a +50% gather rate it could be viable into the lategame when trees start to run out

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maybe a little buff in normal gather rate could work.

Allow Spain to rebuild the haciendas. At least with the card of 7 sheep + an economic building.


If we’re talking about Hispanic revolutions, I think they should have the ability to build up to four haciendas with shipments.

But in this case we are talking about the haciendas of Yucatan and the Solís Shredders card, in this case the card works as follows.
Solís Shredders: Haciendas can be toggled to allow villagers to gather wood from them

Under this premise, I think it would be correct for Deforestation technology to work with the Mayan haciendas.

But as always this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll take care to edit my reply accordingly. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: Source.

we can change it to this: make the card “viceroyship of new spain” sendable for infinite times, but free to send only the first time, costs 1000 coin/wood later.


This could be fine only if the limit of 2 at the same time is respected, otherwise the ability to produce soldiers that Spain would gain would be too strong, especially in imperial.

Yep that’s for sure, I forgot to mention it

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No, Hacienda should be a mainly Mexico building. It’s nice for Soain to have them, but they are a strategic asset that you should protect.

If they could be able to rebuild them, Mexico would lose uniqueness

In fact the haciendas are of Spanish origin. The hacienda should be a standard building for Spain too, but knowing that it won’t be the case I should be able to rebuild it.


Yes the trickles are nice, but the gather function I was talking about comes from another Yucatan card called “Solis Shredders” which activates a toggles on the Hacienda which lets vils gather wood at the Hacienda at a rate of 0.5w per sec and cannot currently be upgraded further. Sorry, I should’ve been more specific from the start, and I’ve gone back and edited the opening post to be more specific.

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It isn’t 0.5 wood, it is fine as trickle go, better left it as it is unless you want it to get nerfed even more than it has already been

I know that are from Spain, but let’s Mexico keep the their unique building.

Is nice that the devs added Hacienda to Spain bc historical reasons, but for gameplay terms they should stay as a main building to Mexico.

They will continue to be a main building in Mexico, but I see no problem with Spain being able to rebuild 2 haciendas. It will still be limited and it will be more difficult for you to do it the second time. In addition, the hacienda is not a building that has a very relevant impact, such as factories or wonders, so I do not see any problem being able to rebuild them.


Se que se deberia hablar de Aoae3 pero las haciendas ya estaba pensada en el juego de civilizavion 6 se la dieron a los gran colombianos antes de que sacaran a civilizacion mexicana en aoe 3 DE y de hecho iba a copiar este idea para una posible idea de civilizacion gran colombiana

Haciendas are México exclusive, giving Spain rebuilding Haciendas is too much when they don’t even need them. They are pretty strong already with what they got.

That’s what I mean. No more than 2 haciendas, which is what they can currently build. I only ask that they can be rebuilt in case they are lost.

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Looking at the bank of the Dutch Immigrant card, I don’t think this request is excessive.
But maybe the cost of rebuilding is high, or only one can be rebuilt?

Maybe you could require an additional card like ‘7 sheeps + a economic building’. Or the same card could be infinite, but from the second time it costs coins and wood, as someone else suggested above.

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