Haitian Revolution - unit roster/appearance rework?

Whilst I love the fact that you can revolt as Haiti, I find it a bit confusing and a little disrepectful that they are simply turned into a pirate civ.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love any Buccaneer/Pirate addition, but it’s quite an odd result to revolution. The Haitian Revolution was 1791–1804 - for context, this is during the rise of Napoleon, and the invention of the steam train, so to see self-liberated slaves successfully lead an insurrection, or in gameplay terms, press the Revolt button as French, and then to see Haiti appear as a 17th/18th century pirate-churning civ seems a little bit insensitive, no?

Suggestions for Haitian revolution civ units:

Toussaint Louverture - Mounted Leader unit
Haitian Infantry - Musketeers (in Euro-French style of attire)
Haitian Chassuers - Skirmishers with Stealth Ability
Guerillas - Melee Shock Infantry with Stealth Ability
Vodou Shaman - Healer unit (Vodou was a substantial element in the background of the revolution - the Haitians wanted to get rid of the forced Catholicism from the French and be free to make Vodou (Voodoo) the predominate religion) - this is not a novelty thing, it’s completely within context.
Lakous Wagons - wagons that build a Lakous (self-sufficient family compounds)- which ingame would be a large structure of connected houses (providing more pop than standard houses) as well as farming space within for villagers to farm food. Like a scaled-down Hacienda.


I’ll add, even if the team doesn’t want to mess with balance, maybe just change the name to the current Haitian rev unique units.

What I’d personally like, but probably won’t happen, is, once you revolt as Haiti, your units appearance get a little darker


There’s a spectacular irony that they’ve wokified so much in this game, even deciding the words “colonial age” and “iroquois” is too offensive, yet the one time in the whole of history where a successful slave revolt didn’t just succeed, but actually turned into a country, they represented as a bunch of thieves and scoundrels.


because it doesnt represent Haiti, although it has the name, it is really just Pirate islands like Tortuga. They should change the name

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