Hakkapeliitta tactics formation?

To emulate the famous tactics of units like the Hakkapeliitat, which were used by lots of the light cavalry units of the era; do you think we might ever get a formation option for units in which they will use a ranged attack, but continue to advance while reloading, and then switch to melee if they get close enough to enemy units?

I think it would be super useful for certain units (musketeers!) and would really allow some of the units in the game to be used in a way that better suits their historical usage.

You can kind of do it now by intense micro, and certain melee units with charged ranged attacks actually do do this at the moment as well e.g. Italian Papal Guard with their age IV card upgrade. But I think there should be a formation option for ranged units to allow this for more units.

I suppose it would not be super useful for a lot of units right now with how they’re balanced, but with some tweaks to balance I think it could be super fun!

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You mean like an age of empires 4 mangudai? (attacks while moving)

not necessarily, I mean that units would fire from range, move closer, and then either fire again when reloaded or engage in melee if in range. Doesn’t need attacks while moving (though that would be really cool to add on top as well!)

In Rise of Nations ranged cavalry units all attacked while moving, and were designed for raiding worker or supply units. The Mongol unique unit had the unique power that their ranged archers could attack from a wider angle while moving.

But I’m suggesting a formation stance that would enable the historical tactic of a cavalry charge where pistols were fired during the charge before the horsemen switched to swords as they crashed into the lines

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basically kind of how the oromo works

I think the level of micro needed to do this in the game currently is fine considering its basically always a suicide play