Hakkapelit need to be nerfed now

It’s ridiculous how long its been with Sweden’s overpower Hakkapelit. They destroy everything with their area of effect, multipliers and the 36 melee damage is ridiculous! They shred everything and they only cost 100g/100f! If they didn’t had such a high melee damage, they would be fine. They need a legitimate way to be countered, just like all units. I tried halb and skirm combo, but it does nothing against Hakkapelit. If they cost at least 150g/150f, then it would be a little bit better, but they just mass these units and the game is over. Lets get some rework on these units now


Porbably they will on January PUP

I guess devs are on holiday now. So we need to wait

They will probably be nerfed in jan since the PUP the devs worked on had a big bug causing it to be pushed back

They don’t need to be nerfed, they need to be reverted .

They should never have been turned into light ranged cavalry, Sweden have black riders and caroleans, there was no point.


21, waiting for nerf +1

If you serve halberdiers with skirmishers, the broken civis matches for example Portugal vs Sweden, which are lammer matches that you will see a lot in ranked, The Portuguese make halberdiers to defend their caçadores, only you have to do 3 things well, 1) make halberdiers According to the Hakkapelites, the rival has because it would be silly to make a lot of halberdiers while i have few skirmishers because your rival will burst them with infantry with ranged units, 2) have a good micro with the halberdiers, put him in cover mode when appropriate, 3) Put the life improvements ## ### ####### is very cheap, in addition to the civilizations that have a good skirmisher you can also improve their halberdiers for example (Holland this is the easiest because their best infantry are generic and also has the skirmisher in second, Portugal , France is more difficult because possibly it will not use the cards that improve the halberdier) In any case, the Hakkapelite is broken and I’m surprised that they let it go for so long, but hey, this had happened before with the Swedish economy, the Carolinian and the Hausas/ etiopies

Well I said that the 10% improvement of the arsenal that improves the life of the halberdier is very cheap but hey Microsoft thinks it’s okay to censor it

Alot of what changes to the game they do make often makes it even more broken so I’m not holding my breath.

I just call them out for being lamers and resign.

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If I had to try to balance them I would start with these things: Remove *1 multiplier against pikeman, increase negative multiplier to 0.5 against seattlers. Reduce melee attack and eliminate Trample mode as they are ranged light cavalry and not heavy cavalry. I would start from here and see if the unit isn’t that strong and doesn’t act as a multi-unit otherwise the nerfs continue if the unit is still too strong

I hope Hakka once again become heavy cav. Carolean play the role of ranged anti cav.


its incredible how developers dont try this things before release.
nobody uses PUP
let us try things on normal version of the game and balance games in the 1-2 months, not 3 or more

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X-acatly, The change made no sense.