Half built palisades destroy animation blocks new buildings

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33315.0 4426672
  • Platform Steam


Half built palisades still have a destroy animation that blocks new buildings (you just can walk over it; this is no issue)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start building a palisade
  2. Dont finish it
  3. Delete it
  4. Try to build something over it
  5. Wait for destroy animation ends to be able to work on new building foundation

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If you mean you have to wait for the destruction animation to finish before you can place another start building, I have seen this as well. I’ve seen it happen when deleting a completed market, had to wait about 3 seconds before I could place a start building in its place. I don’t mean I’m unable to start building, I mean I’m unable to even place the building, the new buildings outline shows red as if an obstacle is in the way. I don’t mean I’m unable to place the building, I mean I’m unable to start building once placed. While it kinda makes sense that you couldn’t build effectively in the smoke and still falling bricks, this is not how the game worked in the past.

You can place foundation but you cant start building till the destroy animation of the half built palisade is ended

Ah, my mistake, I was trying to go off memory, I should have opened the game to verify. I have fixed my comment

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Is this a bug or intended behavior?

If I decide to play DE I’m going to want classic building sprites without the collape animation, curious how the behavior will be then.

Its a bug, read carefully. The behavior should be collapse animations dont block units and new buildings, like in the original right?

I hope so… I would not be surpised if they did that on purpose though since they put a lengthy collapse animation there if that wasn’t enough a huge dust cloud that blocks everything for a couple of seconds…

I could see myself maybe finding the collapse animation tolearable if they remove the dust cloud.

They removed this behavior for all the buildings some versions ago and I think they missed this one (half built palisades). Again, I dont see why this is on purpose.

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Sadly found more info today so I made a new bug report that makes this one erasable (if I could), thank you all for your help!

Closing this in favour of the more general thread created by the OP, see link in the post above.