Half ludikris size? (new map size)

Basically the map is two times larger than giant. But still half the size of ludikris. I think it could a cool game option. So we have the best of both worlds. A really big map. Yet, not too big like ludikris.

Some guys have made mods for such a map. But it would be real nice if there was a game option like that. Without having to use some third party software to make it. Not only that, but it would be real cool for scenarios.


There are 3 methods to do this :

  1. the simplest : Age of Kings Heaven - The Blacksmith :: All Map Sizes
  2. the second simplest (if you also want a map bigger than ludikris : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbKrrUpjECY
  3. the most complex method : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gHWK02g1ik
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I found that you can just make a RMS with editing this line in <PLAYER_SETUP>

“override_map_size 36” (Change as needed. Value Range: 36-480.)

edit: You would want it to be 360. (Assuming that is what you meant by half. Since Giant is already half of Ludicrous.)

edit: Correction: 340. (I was thinking in tiles x tiles. Whoops.)

Save it to a mod file/directory, (Enable the Mod if not already.) Open the Scenario Editor, Find the RMS you made, Generate the map. Save the scenario as whatever you want/need. Done.

Default Map Sizes in Tiles x Tiles:
“120 × 120, 144 × 144, 168 × 168, 200 × 200, 220 × 220, 240 × 240, 480 × 480”

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240x240 is 1/4 of 480x480

340x340 would he half the size of 480x480 if I calculated that correctly.

I really wish that size or even more sized between giant and ludikris would exist.
Ludikris is just too big to do anything useful with just 8 players.
Giant can get kinda cramped with 8 players if you want to have big bases and especially if you want some water too.

I’ll try that out.

Does it create any issues? Does the AI work correctly? Do things like market value calculation work correctly?

If it works that easily why doesn’t the game just let us choose any number for the map tile size?

Oh right… I was thinking just purely in tiles x tiles. You are correct. 340 is right.

No, no issues come up. (Unless, you previously ‘scaled’ a scenario with trigger locations. (The values may/will be wrong then. Depending on how you scaled it.) Also, markets are automatically scaled per map size by distance. (BTW, it makes a funny trade profit if you slow down the trade carts speed. IIRC, you can get trade profit up to like… 17k a trip. XD)

Just never got added in the game I guess. (Besides in RMS.) Would be nice.

For the 1st method you have to set 8 players and removing them just after if you want making a scenario without 8 players (i have no idea why we have an AI error when we don’t do that)

I think the limitation of choices was to avoid creating complex content, for example on AOM and AOE 3 we could choose a size which was not necessarily identical between X and Z (I’m probably wrong but that’s my point of view)

When I make a scenario I almost always use 8 players for it. I could almost always need more then 8.

In AoE3 you can only choose the size in the editor. In original AoE3 there was only one size per map (automatically scaling by player number) in skirmish. AoE3DE added a large version of every map too.

AoM only allows you to choose between 3 map sizes in skirmish. Not sure if that scales by player numbers.

AoE2DE could still have the normal map sizes in Skirmish but allow you to choose any size in the editor.

my god bigger than ludicrous lmao you can go 40 pop castle age before walling and AI’s army still wont reach you in time

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I prefer not imagining the time of the game requiered to win lol, also having a very strong pc to emulate everything on the map

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