🌒 🎃 Halloween Event 2021

What’s your favorite new player icon?
For me ‘Plague Doctor MIssionary’ is the best, with zombie vills* and masked capybara being pretty close.

*potential for ‘They Are Billions’ crossover event? :wink:


definetly i want the black riders xD


They are nice as in-game unit:

Also some changes to treasures:


Thought we would have had to wait for the patch before the event begins. Huh.

Also these balloons… Not sure if that’s some event thing or playing as Japan on Honshu map (and/or having festival cosmetic customization for home city unlocked)


Love these profile icons!

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The balloons show up on every map that would usually have birds flying on them. They’re actually just reskins of the birds.

Hah yeah I’ve started noticing V formation after a while. Still, interesting thing. I need to play with a balloon unit and see, maybe it’s also altered in some way.

w8 a second, does that mean those baloons are just modded birds?

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Looks like it. I guess having both would be too distracting.

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Weird they didn’t announce this.

I would say given it is aoe4 launch week, they don’t wanna overshadow it with anything else…

I absolutely hate the balloons. I constantly think it’s an enemy unit. I can’t believe they forced this on us without explanation.

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I don’t think the devs are worried about a event competing with the launch of AoEIV.

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I was wondering when it would be available, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

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The devs don’t decide these things.

My point stands.

But whatever. I still find it strange they at least couldn’t tweet it out or something. Hopefully people check it. Not everyone plays the game everyday.

You’re not missing much if you don’t play during the event it’s just a few nice touches for Halloween.

Yeah, me too. This is the first time I actually did the event challenges, just to get the Black Rider. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be cool if those skins could be unlocked permanently somehow.

Nah, it’s a event. The birds of the game are all replaced by balloons. Which is a weird thing for Halloween… I guess it would be more in line with the birthday anniversary of the game, that was a couple weeks ago…

I’m actually kind of digging those events now. :nerd_face:


Does anyone have problems with the day4 challenge?

I’ve completed a game on Plymouth twice, still- it’s locked. Either it’s bugged or the description is missing. I’ll try 3rd time playing as Britain, it fits the map.

Played as Brits, ‘large map’ checked off and got it. Weird!

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