Hamla - Indian Villager

Game Version:

  • Build (all)
  • Platform (Steam and Microsoft Store)


(Indian Villagers says Hamlaa = “Attack” when ordered to move)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. (Setup a Skirmish game with Indians)
  2. (Select a Villagers)
  3. (Order it to move to another location)

(Also this particular sound is odd one out of all voice sets for the female Indian, it is directly taken from Aoe3 and randomly assigned as the acknowledgement sound for move order)

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Yeah, it is the AoE3 villager sounds. I noticed that too. The Male Villager also has the (AoE3) Hamlaa sound also, but it’s especially jarring on the Female Villager, which sounds nothing alike.

From what I understand, when they swapped the old AoE3 Indian voices (The old voices for the Indians and the Slavs just straight up used the AoE3 voices from the Indians / Russians) with the new ones sometime ago, they only replaced 4 of the 5 sounds they previously had for the Indian Villagers and made the 5th sound inaccessible. I guess when the sounds got converted to the wwise format, it got forgotten about.

I like to over-explain things, but the short answer is, yeah, it should be addressed.


Will this issue be addressed please?

Villagers choose from the same set of dialogues for both attacking and moving. So villagers say nothing about attacking when asked to do so with other civs.

The hamla sound is not voice acted by same person for the female version that’s the problem. It seems to be a remnant from aoe3 voice set, which is odd one out, you may check it out…

No replies yet whether this bug has been noted or not?

Bump this thread for attention from devs.

I feel like this is not game breaking at all. While there are so many game breaking bugs like unit pathfinding. Yeah, the hamla sound has been there since HD i guess.

I am not saying it is game breaking, it is just one of those numerous small bugs that needs to be fixed but is easily forgotten. Just reminding the devs.

They probably forgot it while importing their FE mod into official version
FE mod used aoe3 sounds for indian villagers.
Then they imported it and created new sounds with new voice actor but accidentally forgot this one.
Now it sounds odd among all the other sounds in the voice set both by its different pitch and meaning.

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Still not fixed on recent hotfix 35209

Is it so hard to disable this single sound in the voice set? even a simple dataset edit will fix it.

Not fixed on update 35584

Hey there! I’ve thrown a report into our tracking database to see if the team can take a look at this! Thanks for the report and for keeping us informed!

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