Happy Leaves and Dashboard dont respect privacity of players?

Hello guys , I am writing here because I am not very familiar with the issue of a player’s rights when purchasing an MS game. I recently had a discussion with happy leaves, who manages the dashboard https://aoe2recs.com/. I know that this program has many benefits tbh i like it more than what u tihnk , but it also has many negative things from my point of view, I tried to talk to him, but he behaves like a child every time you give him a suggestion or criticizes his program “dashboard” and he simply blocks you, or simply removes you from the discord and censors your comments, as a consequence for totally arbitrary reasons, it prohibited me from using the dashboard, (if I cannot use it in the same way that most of you do), added to this it invades my privacy every time I need to look games, or play private tournaments, reveal my statistics, other accounts, etc. The point is, can I at least have the right to ask not to appear on your program/website? Since I can’t use it, at least allow me not to appear on it, or am I forced to be there, even though I don’t want to? ? . Since he is the one who handles this, apparently he can do whatever he wants, I ask this because I don’t know much about the subject, but I bought a game to have fun and have a good time, and not for let a guy to do what he wants Whatever he want with my name, I would like players to at least have their privacy respected, which Microsoft promises so much, and if so, where should I contact it? I would simply like this type of arbitrary things to not exist in the community, you create a program and then exercise abuse of power? interesting, Well, IMO more than interesting, it is worrying, because this type of behavior will mean that he can always abuse in situations like these. thank you very much for read , adn to everyone who can give me a hand or a tip about on who I should contact to solve this. Regards Bl4ckito

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Yea we have no privacy right at all here. Same with other websites that track your account Infos without you agreeing to it. It is sad, I remeber bringing that up a few years ago on the forum. Better make a new account with a new name for Everything otherwise you make it too easy to get doxxed