Harbor misuse


There were a lot of fish on the pond but opponent can simply delete all with this way. I think it’s not what your team intended and it should be fixed.


Do not talk too loud, we use this technique to deny french fish. XD


This sometimes also happens with berry bushs… though usually it will stop the building from being qeued i have seen the bushs dissapear as well… @SavageEmpire566

Not sure what the solution would be though… with how crowded some fishn spots get i wouldnt want it to deny building room either

Put this in bugs forum?

Haha, wow…what a brutal resource deny :laughing:. Was that a player or AI?

I saw player used this and the picture above was recurrence

It’s a clever tactic :smirk:

We’re keeping an eye on it. Do let us know if you see this tactic start to crop up a lot.

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My best suggestion would be to have the fish be deleted on dock finishing being built if that’s possible, as that way they would actually have to spend the wood.

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I’ve seen this 4 or 5 times watching other streamer’s play. And in my game play I’ve seen only once. But it would be necessary to fix this. How about canceling buildings doesn’t remain ruins?