Hard AI building close to no units

Game Version: 101.101.33164.0 4413571

  • Build (####) no idea what that means
  • Platform Steam


The AI (hard) attacked me a total of 3 times in a ~2hour game:

  1. Attack: 18mins (3-4 Skirmishers)
  2. Attack: 24mins (4 Knights)
  3. Attack 28mins (4 Knights)

after the 3. attack they only built buildings and villagers, nothing else. Not even when attacking them (maybe 10 military units, that it). one had a bit more near the end of the match.

No Mods used, 300 pop cap

If i play on very hard (second highest (no idea how its called)) they just rush me or my friend till one of us is dead.

The most annoying part is, if u attack them, cleared half of their village, instead of sending units to stop you, they just built buildings nonstop infront of you.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. (List the steps we can take to reproduce the bug ourselves…)
    Just play any game on hard difficulty (even happens if we play 2v2AI on hard) and yes, happens to me in 90% of the matches i’ve played so far.

No, but a replay :slight_smile:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bmguYVhOvvlzuFHYpMClwniF_h9tkgtO

We’re currently tracking this issue, thank you for the report!
A temporary workaround can be to use a population cap of 200 (or lower).