Hard AI needs more buids

I’ve being practicing a lot against the AI to improve my times and strats, but I’ve now seen a pattern in most of my matches.

The AI always ages up with 22-24 pop, and then procedes to adjust its economy to wood and gold and just mass archers and skirmishers. If rushed with scouts, they produce spears.Everytime is the same unless they mix some man at arms sometimes.

I think I’ve seen a fast castle into knights just once.

Its not that the AI is inept. It scouts and creates counter units accordingly, but It’s clear it has more strats under its belt, but rarely ever use them.

I mean, competitive 1v1 in arabia isn’t like this? If you take out of consideration strats that an AI can’t do (like tower rush) then there’s not much left to do considering the meta, AFAIK.

I’ve seen more AIs going fast castle than i’ve seen human players doing it in my ranked matches. Probably confirmation bias or something, idk.

Anyway, i agree that increasing the weight factor for other strats could present more diversified and fun matches against the AI.

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What maps and civs do you play against? Because I’m almost certain what strategy the AI uses depends on the map type, civilization, and difficulty level. It might be you’ll see more strategies by changing one or more of those settings.

I play against random civs in arabia