Hard coded crossed stables for Meso civs

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  • Build:
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: LOSER4ever

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Making stables enabled for Meso civs from Genie Editor does not uncross the stables from their respective tech trees UI.

Another issue I found, which maybe the reason for hardcoding the cross, is:

Usually in the tech tree tab of Genie Editor, units and buildings are linked to the Technology making them available. In case of the stable, it is linked to the Technology making “Archery Range available”. Since Archery Ranges are available to meso civs as well, it won’t be showing crosses and that would have been the reason for hardcoding.

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Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Modify Aztecs to have stables in Genie editor.
  2. Load the dataset from Standard game menu.
  3. Select Aztecs in civ.
  4. Click “Technology Tree” button and scroll to stables.

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I edited the meso civs to have stables but it doesn’t show up in tech tree… For some reason your answer is marked as solution so I fear Dev’s won’t read this

If you doubt that the picture is of original dataset, I have enabled Champion, Supplies, Scout Cavalry, Bloodlines and Stable for Mayans in my custom mod. Since Stables are crossed out, everything below them will also be crossed out.

@GMEvangelos sir, tagging you for better reach.

yes, the scout has bloodlines too in this

No this didn’t show to me. And you could unmark it anyway.

You could upload screenshots instead of taking photos from your phone… Would be much clearer.