Please this is a plea because we cannot play the game anymore.

With the buffs you gave the A.I. in less than 10 minutes he has twice as many villagers (x2)
and four times as many army (x4) !!! Not forgetting the has already got all the upgrades !

So you are playing to lose because there is no way you can match the exponential curve he is going at.

Please fix Hardest A.I. to how it was before and keep this mode as an alternate if you don’t want to take it out.

But for the sake of having new players complete the masteries, it is impossible to keep it this way.

  • Sari

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imo, restore the old hardest, and add this as extreme or expert, so that the player isn’t screwed over masteries
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我认为是可以的这样做的,现在的AI 确实太难了。

You can bypass this stupid Aí by starting in a game with extreme resources … just build many production buildings and swarm ia… it’s stupid but works and gives the mastery

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I yesterday got my English Mastery done because of advice that @OnslaughtDom has given. Definitely recommend bypassing the unfair advantages the AI has by starting out with the max amount of resources, then quickly facilitate your base by building all the buildings you need and immediately bum rush the AI.

You can also put your map settings to ‘revealed’ and no fog of war to reduce any risk of not finding the AI and not orchestrating your attack effectively.

Good luck!


I do agree with you on using the advice on how to bypass the unfair advantage. I do see where this type of Hardest level would be needed to satisfy the expert players in AoE4 but by making it the only way to completely all masteries is a failure from my own business point of view. When looking at the percentages of expert players vs non- expert players or new comers to the franchise, you come to a much larger percent of players that would never be able to complete the game. Key note there is most of those that can not complete the game due to what they see as an impossible setting will not be looking to try AoE titles in the future.

Just my two cents