Hardest AI can't be defeated in conquest mode

A friend and I have played two matches on conquest mode, with two players vs two AI players ( AI Hardest and AI Intermediate).

Each match we have defeated AI Intermediate, and destroyed all AI Hardest units and buildings. However the AI Hardest still is registered as undefeated. In each game we played, we uncovered all of the map, and could not find any extra units or buildings belonging to AI Hardest.

We think this is a bug. Can this be fixed?

Hi @IngoingYeti9764, so when starting your custom match with your friend are you making sure that you have got Landmarks ticked? Usually if there isn’t one of the three ticked then the game will not end and I’m speaking from personal experience. I realized this mistake and enabled Landmarks so when I destroy the four important and main structures I could then finish the conquest.

Hi @Z1N6, cheers for your response.

We’ve also played vs Easiest AI and Hard AI without this problem using conquest. I think it’s definitely strange that Landmarks would need to be ticked in order to achieve conquest as well. I’d assume that they would be separate game modes.

Landmark victory IS conquest. There is no such thing as kill all pop to win or something.

Anyway, I have played the hardest AI many times without issue, always achieving the conquest (landmarks) victory. I have played 1v1, though. Unsure if more players is a trigger for the potential bug.