Hardest AI does not make enough siege units for defenses

Maybe this has been reported before but after november patch AI seems so erratic.

They won’t produce enough trebuches even if they do, they rarely (if i give them space on purpose) bring down walls/keeps with trebs .This happens on literally every map.

In late game where there are mass walls/tower/keeps , they send very few bombards and mostly unprotected to be killed on site.

We can’t enjoy Siege play which is a core aspect of the game because of a horribly designed AI.

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You might enjoy watching the AoE4 AI tournament on youtube. Shows all of the AI’s flaws in clear gameplay video, narrated by the #1 pro player.

The AI is so broken, it goes way deeper than not producing enough siege. I agree, it only seems to have gotten worse with the latest patch.

You mean Beasty i guess.Yeah it’s totally a cringe fest.

They mentioned they’re giving Hardest AI an overhaul and pretty hyped the challenge in their last patch notes.

I remember AOE 2 DE Extreme AI was just like this though.People beating 7 AI’s like it’s nothing then they overhauled in patch and it became the best.

Anxiously waiting for the Hardest AI update.Fingers crossed.

How long did that take them to overhaul? Some of the bugged behavior I see gives me the impression it’s bugs stacked on top of bugs, like they’re going to have to completely rewrite a ton of stuff to get to the bottom of some of it. At the pace they’re going it seems impossible.

It started with this patch and continued onward reached it’s peak at november (2020). Granted it’s way earlier than what we are getting now.

There are definitely AI changes coming! That said, specific situations where you see the AI fail are very helpful—thanks, all.

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