Hardest AI started deleting villagers after 5ish conversions and i am not amused

After researching the conversion technology as the abbasid dynastie i wanted to give it a try and liked how fluent the conversion micro is but the ai was not amused and started deleting the units rather than letting the conversion happen. that just renders the technology useless since it is pretty hard to pull it off anyway due to the low range compared to aoe II

if you’re at pop cap and converting, it will kill the converted units to keep you at 200 pop.

I think the poster meant that the AI was deleting the units just before they would have been converted, which is a clever strategic for a human player, but probably not intuitive to have the AI doing, as it can have a much high APM than a human player, and it’s just not fun for it to nullify an entire strat which is supposed to be available to the player.

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well that explains it. so nvm