Harvested trees/forest that players have vision of appear green on the minimap


Probably this issue has existed since the release of the game but somehow nobody writes about it so I decided to do so. Currently everything that is green (forests green) on the minimap remain green forever even when we have vision of it, making the minimap half useless when it comes to wood. This inconvenient in many ways especially in mid-late game and it is even worse in team games.

First it makes the player fight the UI and do much unnecessary effort in managing their wood and probably hate the wood economy altogether.

Second it makes it harder to play in an organized way. For example, If I could distinguish actual forests from old one on the minimap I would select my next wood destinations on the minimap and things would be organized in my brain I would know where my wood economy is located with with respect to my base etc without having to look at where my villagers dots are on the minimap. Basically I would have a reference. RIght now I just select random idle villagers scroll around without bothering to check where I am exactly until I find some wood, this does not allow for good memorizing and tracking of lumberjacks, and makes the whole process cumbersome and unfun.

So instead of focusing on good/calculated selection of a location at which to gather wood, one just wants to find any wood around in order not to fight the game UI and usually there is little time since there are so many things to do at the same time including combat. The minimap is a tool that allows us to think macro/zoomed out, while scrolling around turns the brain into tunnel vision and very localized/micro thinking rather than looking at the big picture.

It would be cool if “forest terrain” could turn into another type of terrain (I guess this is how it works right now but could be wrong) that wouldn’t appear green.

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Hey @ProtossAMove! This one is working as designed, but I 100% hear what you’re saying. I’ll take this feedback to the team. Thanks!!

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@SavageEmpire566 Thank you. I think the forums could use a “Feedback/suggestions” section/category? I couldn’t find such a section hence I made it as a “Bug” thread even though I am aware there is a terrain type for forests which makes them appear green no matter what so it is not technically a bug. And the “Discussions” section has a lot of “Civ X is OP nerf please”, “the game lacks 100000 civilizations” …(which I feel make the Devs ignore it altogether) so it definitely does not feel like a good place to make suggestions.

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I’ll be honest in that I mostly ignore it :laughing: . But we don’t all. There are a lot of devs that lurk silently to see what people are saying without intervention.

While most of what people post on the forums is seen, I can’t guarantee that all is. So I definitely I don’t mind things like this being posted as a bug.

I will take your feedback/suggestions feedback-suggestion back to the team. I’ll guess it probably won’t happen currently as this is kind of a volunteer post. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon, or eventually.

Thanks @ProtossAMove!