Has anybody seen this meme yet?

We should spread this out in social media, lol. This is so true yet also funny.


From all I’m hearing, it is, and I’m so glad that its so. I mean, not that I’m glad that the Blizzard devs are facing the ■■■■ they are, or that the Warcraft 3 fans are getting shafted… what I’m ecstatic about is that AOE has remained awesome, even with its rebirth and evolution. I’m glad that Forgotten Empires has absolutely done right by Ensemble and the players, and legitimately seem to CARE.

The other thing I am really, really glad about is that Forgotten Empires does not seem to feel like it has to walk this impossible line between a hardcore E-sports mob vs. players just looking for fun. They seem to be doing a good job of balancing the two, a couple of hiccups asides.

It’s also great that FE, and by extension Microsoft, understand the need to keep the originals going as well, without forcing an upgrade. I feel like AOE 2 DE is absolutely the best version, but it’s also not the one I can carry around when I’m on the move, so being able to fire up classic as in when I need is great.

The icing; everyone involved in AOE seems to understand that the DE games are for polish and shine, and that any new ideas or drastic adjustments can be saved for AOE 4, where as Blizzard seems…really oddly non-committal about just how seriously they want to take the RTS scene at this point.

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I agree with everything you’ve said :slight_smile:

I like to focus on the right side of that meme. Props to the devs for all the good they did (creating and maintaining the only game that can still be great after 20 years) and will do.

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I think every company that has an old(er) game that needs a remaster should use the Right side as the Business Remaster Model

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