Has anyone beaten the Brutal AI mod?

I tried playing against the brutal AI mod and have not had success in even batches (1v1 or 2v2). My understanding is that the mod boosts the eco of the existing AI, but not necessarily making it smarter.

Anyone tried successfully beating the AI on this mod? How did you do it?

I’ve beaten it once. They would hit hard when you’re still setting up your eco in feudal age. The trick is using lots of towers and wall, survive the first few waves (they’ll get tired of it), then you age up, get sieges and wreck them. They will build wonder around 20min mark as well thus you’ll need to catch up fast.

Wow, wonder at 20 minutes sounds insane. How much of a cheating factor has the AI been given?

I see. So resource allocation is the same?

It is cheating on resources income.

Go watch a replay and look at the resources of the AI. They get boosted big time.

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It has 300% resource income compared to the players. Easily check-able by replays and by looking inside the mod files.

There’s no point in playing a cheating AI.

I removed my posts. My source was apparently incredibly bad. Which is disappointing. Thank you for the corrections. ^^


Sure there is mate!

You learn to beat an opponent who is cheating on you and supossily stronger.

Makes you learn to think and adjust the whole time.

You basically need to outplay a cheater.
You will develop your skills big time by doing so.

No worries,
I think this is the first time on this forum, seeing someone making a post like this.

Hads off for you sir. :v:t2::blush:


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Nope. Even less with this AI that’s half assed and doesn’t go for proper objectives.

If you want to get better play ranked online and you’ll get way better than you would by defeating a cheating AI.

Right, as an AI modder I see both sides of the opinion and both are right in their own way. It’s just a matter of preference and conditions.

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You’ve just described most, if not all, game AI systems in existence.

Just pick the Mongols and tower rush.

GG ez.

The Brutal AI just gives a bonus resource gathering rate and so that makes it to train enough units.