Has anyone done a Dravidian Elephant Rush?

Wootz Steel and Medical Corps make up for the lack of key stable techs and Elite upgrade for the Siege and Battle Elephants. Elephant Archers also attack faster.

Has anyone done a Dravidian Elephant unit rush? How effective is it comparing to other civs’ Elephant rushes considering Dravidian elephants are flawed?

Yes, it’s called the Kokomo Rush - “we’ll get there fast, and then we’ll take it slow…” with the snail speed of Dravidian EAs.

EA isn’t really a rush unit, especially not with Dravidians…suppose you designed a build order that somehow got you 15 uncontested Ele archers by 19xx or so (while avoiding early damage somehow) - where would that get you? You’d have a slow unit that can’t fight buildings or raid, and is still pretty vulnerable to knights, camels, monks and trash. It would have to be backed up with siege to accomplish anything and at that point it’s definitely not a rush. Also, realistically you’re going to die before this gets anywhere on an open map if you don’t go Xbow first.

I play Dravidians frequently, and while their EAs are better than they were, their viability is constrained in much the same way as battle eles, (cost, time, ease of countering in small numbers) - less so in terms of cost, more so in terms of speed and overall offensive potential. They’re a situationally okay lategame unit for a slow push or in teamgames (especially Bengali EAs, which IMO are quite good now in those situations), but definitely not a rush unit.


I’d say Dravidians fare much better with a standard Archer rush. Free 175 wood upon reaching next Age is no joke, and if it’s a boom game, it’ll help you place down more TCs immediately to get to your Elephant Archer + Siege Elephant combo.

Going for Elephant Archers immediately is a losing strategy, as first it’s available only from Castle Age onwards, and it’s too costly to make them if you try to get up as fast as possible. If you take it slowly (so you actually can produce them), it won’t be a rush any more, right?

How’s Battle + Siege Elephant + E. Archer combo then?

A little bit death ball but lose to Onager and Scorpion with equal resource. Ofc you need to add some Halberdier when Siege Elephant is too nearby

Here’s an Elephant Archer and Armored Elephant push from before the EA buff (previous patch): Elephant Archer + Armored Elephant | 1v1 Arabia | Dravidians vs Mongols - YouTube.
The player is Survivalist who is usually rated around 2100 elo in 1v1 and this is a ranked match.


Ridiculously expensive, and slow AF.

Either the opponent will kill you before you get there or they’ll dodge you and hit your base

You don’t seem to know what a rush is.

It’s an attack done in a short amount of time. None of these tech have any bearing on a rush. Dravs have zero eco towards a rush, with slow versions of all elephants making the rush even less viable

Anything works on the ranked ladder , so long as you face weak enough opponents. But equal skill, this is hot garbage

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You mean only elephants? Or all rushes.

Are you asking about EA or BE? EA is much better than BE.