Has the achievement bug been fixed?

There has been a bug that causes achievements not to unlock. I think it was caused by saving and then loading that save which didn’t allow a certain achievement to pop.

I’ve looked through all of the patch notes and couldn’t see if this was fixed yet.

Could a developer shed some light on this?

To give an example the Norman campaign… if you’re doing the final battle and you save and load, that causes the achievement not to unlock.

Not fixed yet, but being worked on actively! Hopefully this one will drop with the next big update (not patch), but as always these things are complicated so I cannot guarantee for sure.

Thank you for responding! This issue has been known since launch 10 months ago. Why is this taking so long? It shouldn’t be this hard to fix it.

Sadly it’s still not fixed even 2 years later at this rate I doubt it ever will they seem to just not acknowledge the issue

They have 3 co-ops working the bugs between classes.