Hastings Campaign Scenario Franks or Sicilians?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to play as Sicilians for the Hastings scenario?
Or do they not possess enough cavalry bonuses to represent the mounted cohort of William’s invading army?

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I think Franks are right. With Sicilians, You would end up with Italian speaking nation in northern France invading England. The Sicilians has also mediterranean architecture set ( and I know You can change architecture set via trigger, but Donjon still remains mediterranean ).


no, donjons are still part of a standaed european castle and the only reason the sicilians arent in hastings scenario is bc they are locked behind dlc where hastings is basic game content

Except Burgundians were added to the franks campaign and Sicilians were added to other campaigns where they apply so your argument is bunk

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Still, they should’ve been called Normans

But I guess too many would cry about two French duchies, yes?

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The Donjon is not only a part of a castle. It’s also just a tower that serves also as residential functions. I believe the developers could change civ for people who own dlc, but fair argument.

Yep. But they had to change Sicilians civ name to Normans, change Sicilian architecture set to Western European via trigger and disable Donjons. Player don’t play as Sicilians on Bari and Edward Longshanks campaign so everything is right.

I think It would start war on forum.

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They don’t change the factions in a campaign if it changes the gameplay. For instance in Attilla 6 they didn’t make all enemies Italian because the intent behind having Briton/Celt/Frank/Teuton in 5th century Italy was to give diverse factions for the player to fight.

Burgundian were changed because pretty much any faction can spam pikes+longswords+siege as they do. Sicilian in Bari was more iffy immo because they do have significant differences when compared to Franks.

As of Hastings, since it’s the player who would have changed civ, the gameplay would ofc have been changed a lot. It’s a mission designed around the access to paladins and throwing axemen and Sicilian can’t do that ofc.


Yes but they were added to older campaigns only as AI players, I don’t recall any other older campaigns that have them as a playable Civ other than the LotW ones.

I think that sicilians could play enough cavalry, maybe even better, since their cavaliers could more safely dive into the enemy halbs goth spam. The lack of TA isn’t a big one in my opinion, since serjeants actually would be more accurate at representing the line infantry of that time period. Even the sicilians TB would fit better the mission.

The architecture (I don’t think that the stile of the donjon is that big of a problem) and civ names can be changed via triggers (like in the first hauteville mission they are called normans not sicilians), the main problem would be the language spoken, since it would make it a bit weird (I don’t know if you can change that via triggers).

For sure changing the name would improve the mission, since it’s basically a Joan of Arc 2.0, and pretty boring overall, but I would like to see the mission improved overall also.

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Well, the mission is designed around you being Franks, not around historical accuracy. Like the vast majority of AoC scenarios has some innacuracies in them and only the most critical have been fixed (like turtle ships in Montezuma, what did they smoke 11)

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It would be nice a bit of historical accuracy though, and to be fair, we already have a tons of franks missions and campaigns, so one less wouldn’t hurt.

It was a nod to some rumors that chinese had discovered the new continent before Columbus I think, so more of an easter egg than anything else.

It’s somehow an improvement that now you receive 3 spanish ECG.

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What? 11 Where were they? I need to know :joy:

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In the north of the lake in the last Aztec mission.

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why dont change it urself? just download the historical battles and change civ and architecture ( here is guide on how to get campaigns:Aoe2 DE: How to Open Campaigns in the Scenario Editor - YouTube)

i am going to submit later in the day a mod that replaces franks witgh sicilians, changes their arhitecture and name, it might be a little buggy thou

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Here u go: Mods Single - Age of Empires Hastings as Sicilians

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It would also be a marketing move to change the hastings mission with the sicilians, like “the first sample is free, then you are addicted”. For all the ones who have DE but not LotW, they can play one mission with the new civ, and if they like it, they know that there are other 11 in the DLC.


There is nothing like a “Spanish Cannon Galleon” for any other civ. The simple thing is that the projectiles are always your, even if the unit was converted from Spanish. An example of this would be to be post-Imperial and convert a watch tower of an AI (in scenario editor) which is in Feudal Age. Notice that the Watch tower gets Ballistics effect.

You can achieve this by triggers with any civ basically. An easy check and balance would be to disable Bloodlines, while giving them Paladin and TA.

I actually tried that before buying the DLC. In campaigns, you can ctrl+shift+Fn (n is player number) to control player n. I tried it in the Franks campaign and I couldn’t switch to the Burgandians PoV. I could very easily switch to the British PoV though.