Haudeno Age 4 unit cards are all trash tier

So i was doing some dm decks for Haudeno and i noticed that the haudeno age 4 cards are all on a very low powerlevel. That s especially obvious if you look at the unit shipments.

The best shipments are:
4 light canons ( There are some shipments with 2 falcs + 2 culvs or 5 organ guns, which are all higher value)
11 Aennas vs 20 longbows
9 forrest prowlers vs 12 or 14 skirmishers (this is allmost an age 3 shipment?)
7 kanya horsemen vs 8 hussars ( Kanyas are also 10 % Cheaper)
6 musket riders vs 8 dragoons ( musket riders again are cheaper)

16 tomahawk are the only shipment which is on the same “powerlevel” than regular top tier age 4 unit shipments.

So please put them on the same power level as all the other age 4 shipments. Thanks!