Haudenosaunee Balance suggestions

Yes, you’re right, very few people realize in time that their TC is being destroyed by a single guy, but anyway, it is still a vestiality for a single unit. It’s great for raiding torps and sanctuaries. Not to mention that one or only two attacks can destroy any building under construction.

This card is more a troll card than something viable. As hauds your explo must be with your army and it’s not worth it to send a card just for killing torp/shrine.

I used thise card mostly when my opponenet was far from my level ^^. Not that i care, but no reason to move this card to age3 ^^

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On the contrary, Town Destroyer is really good precisely when the WC is with the army.
Hauds have no cheap Pikes to make up affordable Age 2 Siege, so a WC with Town Destroyer can go with the army, and take out enemy buildings quickly, as the army takes out enemy units.

I do agree that there is no reason to move the card tier. It is not a powerful card, and circumstancial at best, though I do use it every once in a while, and I do play Hauds quite a bit.
Town Destroyer is only worth sending when you know for sure the opponent is playing greedy, so while decent, is not OP, or even a “must have” in every deck.

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Thats not enough, in treaty they run out of wood quickly cause most units cost wood. Also they dont need that ceremony for mantlets by 2 reasons. 1, they have 2 unique dances already. 2, unit dances arent efficient because you have to use other ones.
In that case I think that this dances need a buff like train 2 units at the same time in Inperial