Haudenosaunee longhouse suggestion

I tried re-learning Haudenosaunee last week, and found some of their major civ features to be really awkward. Namely, longhouses and travois.

The civ would feel a lot smoother if travois options were a bit more balanced in terms of opportunity cost. The biggest issue IMO is that longhouses feel really bad to build w/ travois when you could build a 250w warhut, a 200w corral, or a 400w farm. So, it would be nice to see longhouses with increased size (longer?), HP, cost, and pop. 200 wood houses that provide 24 population would be in-line with their current wood/pop ratio, but I think longhouses could use a buff. 220 wood longhouses that provide 30 pop would be my suggestion.

On the topic of the Haudenosaunee, I was thinking that combining the Longhouse with the Haudenosaunee economy wouldn’t be a bad idea. Historically, the Haudenosaunee’s agrarian culture was very much based on “farming” entire forests and cultivating plants you want in that forest while weeding out ones you didn’t.

TLDR It’d make more sense for the Hauds to have the Swedish Torp.

If I could change it however I wanted, I’d combine the Longhouse with the farm, allowing 5 people per longhouse. Considering how much of Haudenosaunee daily life revolved around the Longhouse, I’m personally surprised they didn’t make the Longhouse a unique town center for the Haudenosaunee.
(A fun thing to do would be to have Longhouses passively regenerate forests near them, in-line with the practices of the Native cultures of the northeast coast.)


I like this idea a lot. It would make the Haud far more unique to play, rather than Euro-lite.

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