Hausa cannon spam (fun no way can be busted)

So hausa can train heavy cannons at a cost, but that cost influence and so boring

now we have the Hanover native tech that gives you a factory so you can spawn heavy cannons slowly.

but now I only have 1 factory and its a bottleneck to heavy cannon production

if only there was a way to speed it up…




Gobaru Minaret reduces train time by 10%

Griot empowers normal building to work 50% faster

Feudal armies reduces all train time by 15%

and finally another 25% reduction from factory tech

imp also gets you another 5% reduction

which means instead of factories taking about 80 secs in imp to spawn a heavy cannon

it spawns in 10!!!

that works out to 4800 res per min from a single factory

due to this being imp only and maybe its not too broken but its fun


Sounds like it needs nerfed hard

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yeah though its a very dumb niche

you have to be in imp, have the Hanover native, spend like 16k of res to even get the factory and then also all the other stuff.

what could be terrifying is in a team game where hausa has a team Griot card

that alone is potentially a 50% boost to all ally factory cannon production

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griots don’t increase facotries production

it definitely does else no way you can get down to 10s, I checked with the timer


The code implies the building work rate increases by 50%

this applies to anything that spawn units, so factories, dojos, summer palace, confucian academy.

heck it might even apply to community plaza, though I havent check

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Oh yeah bably griots also works on community plazas :)))

it also counts as an additional worker on the plaza allowing you to have 26 workers on them lol

without it the spawn time does increase though very small

Also very very funny the griot because it improves the work rate of the building will increase effect for ALL ceremonies, not just one related to spawn time

a further 2% increase to attack

extra 1xp/s on the trickle

etc etc this is a very fun discovery, could be fun for team games

the possibilities are endless, faster spanish soldado spawn, american super factories etc