Hausa or Ethiopians better defensive civ

Based on what I’ve played thus far of both civs, looking at their cards buildings and alliance upgrades, I feel the Hausa are a better defensive civ than the Ethiopians which is weird and not really what I’d hoped for, my reasons for feeling are as follows

Hausa: Defensive bonuses
Have wall cards
University encourages building around it to buff both it and buildings around it
Ability to generate wood
Free buildings, a ton of free buildings
Lifdi knight is really solid

Ethiopians: defensive bonuses
Church buffs buildings and units around it
Better Economy on paper

Hausa: offensive bonuses
Raider cavalry

Ethiopia: offensive bonuses
Churches encourage expanding for influence and denying mines to the opponent
Better outlaws for cheap
Getting both gold and Influence for kills

Interested in hearing others thoughts on how the two civs stand let me know thanks

Ethiopia is more of a boom civ while Hausa is defensive, both can be aggressive under some circumstances though.

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How can Ethiopia be a boom civ? you need to constantly expand for coin.

Since mountain monasteries are the easiest way to get influence (cows cost coin too). You’re also encouraged to get Outlaws since shotel warriors are bad and you don’t have neftenya in age 2 without spending a card.

you can spit out a bunch of those healer/gather guys with a fat cow (saved from starting cows) super early age 2, giving you an immediate solid eco,and if you want you can go with india ageuo to age 3 for more market techs and vills with every shipment. add in jesuit influence age 1, some tps, etc. ethiopia can run a really powerful eco. Train a few zebu cows here and there for more wood without needing to chop, can use this for a 2nd, 3rd tc. if you get age 4,infinite 10 vills. Tons of economic investment options, just make sure to control coin mines with a tc and/or palace.


Boom and defense are not the same thing, boom can still mean expanding onto the map, defense is like staying in base and stuff, aggressive is when you attack your opponents base, Ethiopia is a boom civ because your economy continues to grow throughout the game.